Long Blonde Hair Ideas For Women



Amongst the natural four main hair colors like blonde shade, red, brunette and black, always the blonde long hair has associated with femininity, grace and elegance. The blonde long hair never seems to lose their mass appeal easily.


With long blonde hair, the bombshell look and luxurious style is natural. Delicate looks with long curls or with unique braided elements are the exclusive styles that are in the top list of long blonde hairstyles. Moreover, trendy styles like downdos, knots and ponytails are even available with long blonde hair.


Mostly, the long blonde hair looks gorgeous with layers. The long blonde layers and shiny strands, is an object of envy for many women. Try going with short layers to the front, making it fall over your face and increase the layer lengths towards the ends.


The face framing layers enhance the flowing hair and soften the face features. By adding cool hues to the layered blonde hair, have a pretty gloss style with an air of sophisticated look. Glossy ash blonde waves, with sleek low volume shape and deep undulations give a modern touch to the simple layers.


Rich shades like, caramel and platinum looks pretty with long blonde hair. These hues with subtle highlights, offers beautiful minimalism. When you have thick hair, do not choose to break the weight; instead go with flaunting fullness shades to get the perfect style.


More the sleek style with long blonde hair, the messy blonde hair looks flawless. You can find more celebrity looks with messy blonde hair, as ‘Blake Lively’ side swept long messy blonde hair and ‘Cara Delevingne’ natural messy long hair are some simple long blonde hair styles, which are not less to incredible styles.


Taylor swift, blonde hair with straight sleek bang across the forehead is another style you can go with if you are a lover of bang looks.


When you have thick hair, then go with low wavy style with platinum hue or combination of perfect blonde highlight and lowlights, gives you a right touch style.


You can even give your thick hair buoyant effervescence with French wine hue. With the hue, give pretty coils style using large curling iron and gently separate the ringlets with fingers. For a romantic finish, twist and pin a large section of curls at the crown.


Beach waves suits well with long blonde hair. Along with the beach waves, the blonde hair will make your skin glow and the waves add effects to your face shapes.


For an additional effect, to the beach waves give a touch of rose gold highlights from the midways. When the wind blows, the rose gold beach waves lend you an air of romantic look.


If you want an updo style with long blonde hair, choose vintage styles than the modern updos. The vintage updos with right bangs is a lovely idea for occasional looks and it can interchangeably pair well with either a sweat suit or formal dresses.

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