Long Black Hairstyles



With dark black long hair, the sense of elegance look is a guarantee and the thick long flowing locks, is a blessing. The fall off nature that it gives, enhance your face feature and elongates the look. When the thick dark long hair styled into perfection, you will get tones of compliments from peoples.


The long black hair does not require much styling methods, as it naturally has the best look. A simple ponytail or knotted twist at the crown can do the entire thing for a better day. Only, when it comes to any occasions, you can search for various styling methods.


Sometimes, you may feel it is difficult to style the long hair, but the truth is, this is one of the most versatile hair types as it can give you room for your creative and innovation to feed.


Layered styles look flawless with dark long hair. With layered style, your long hair is manageable and eliminates the irritating factor of long strands. This is also a best solution, to get a voluminous look for thin hair problems.


Before, going for layers look at your face shape and give the shortest layers at the front, to get a highlighted flattering point to your face.


The bangs along with the long hair, is the perfect style to offer an edgy look. Any style of bangs, form sleek straight across the forehead or blunt end bangs and side-swept styles can match the long flowing dark locks to the extreme.


Loose stands of curls throughout the hair will look funky and stylish on long hair. Because, the loose curls looks best with dark long hair, more than blonde hair. Moreover, you can pull off the curls and tie them up at the crown into a ponytail.


Keep some strands to fall off over the face, to get a neat yet tender look. Sometimes, you can combine the loose curls with side-swept bangs. This is best hairstyle for long hair, where asymmetrically swept hair tied along the nape of the neck at one side and the bangs tucked behind the ear.


The tucked bangs in the front, not too heavy and complements the loose curls at the sides.


If you do not want neat and tender loose curls, then choose the messy curl look for long hair. It looks like morning dew rested on the tresses and the long weave along the sides, is the best option for a Saturday night out party.


Different styling versions of ponytail look cute with long dark hair. Simple pony at the sides and a strand from the pony covering the secured end, with a flower hat looks cool at the same time. Combine the side braid with the side pony, for a better look that varies your daily appearance.


Specky and messy bun, offers you the sexy look. To achieve the style, pull off all the hair at the crown and make a specky bun by leaving the end strands to stand out of the bun. The bangs must not be tight and neat or smooth, to achieve the original specky bun style.

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