Long Angled Bob Hairstyle



7. Long angled bob hairstyle


Who don’t want to look amazing with no styling? Who don’t want to have feminine touch? Who don’t want to have a low maintenance hair? Who don’t want to turn their boring straight tresses into something in trend?


If you are looking for the answer for the above questions, then the answer is just two words ‘Angled Bob’. This is a type of hairdo for all people with different hair texture. The angled bob for long hair will reach the shoulder, this gives a classy look. The words such as elegance, gracious and feminine can be used to define such a haircut.


We know you are lazy, so are we, this is the reason why we would recommend you to run to your favourite salon right now to sport your angled bob which don’t require even a clip to look good.


Whatever may come, you are not willing to give up on your bangs? That is not an issue too, feel free to sport your angled bob with bangs. You can actually have an asymmetrical lob too which will have two layers including your favourite bangs to give an edgy look.


Layers to your hair in any hairdo are something unavoidable, isn’t it? Long angled layered bob will define the personality better. Platinum blonde will add freshness and will attract attention.


Aren’t you bored of seeing one hair colour on your head all your life? How about just playing with the hair colour for a cool look? Just streak you hair with the colour in trend, the Balayage or purple for your wavy long angled bob. It will scream loud to grab attention as highlights has the ability to grab the eyeballs. It is best suited if you have a medium length hair with volume.


Keep it simple with just a straight angled bob for your long hair, if you don’t like experimenting with the treasure god has given you in form of your long tresses.


Side part bob for black hair is something which is damn easy to maintain. All you have to do is blow and brush your hair in order to look presentable. You can also go for centre part if you feel it suits you better according to your face shape.


Want to have messy as well as clean-cur look? Then go for straight choppy angled bob which would give you a chance to look at your best. Don’t like the above options? Then you will surely like feather layers to angled lob. If you have a full volume straight hair, you can sport this look with ease as it will suitable for your hair texture. Major part of your thick hair will be chopped, in order to create a beautiful layer of feather cut. Auburn and cherry will give you an urban look which will personify your character and turn you into a trend-setter.


Don’t overthink about experimenting as most angled hairdo will suit most of the people. Feel free, just take inspiration from the article and give a try to your favourite hairstyle.

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