Lisa Rinna Hairstyles



Lisa Rinna hairstyles.


54-year-old Lisa Rinna continues to wow us with her style and personality till date. The actress, fashion designer and the host of a talk show has much more to her than just her fabulous body and plump lips. Having starred on series like Day of Our Lives as Billie Reed, and Taylor McBride in Melrose Place, she has also starred in a number of other projects and featured in many more shows. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is now more popular for her talk shows.


Another thing Lisa Rinna is famous for is her iconic trademark hairstyle that she has been seen sporting for a long time that she has worn in a variety of ways.


We hardly ever see her apart from her short iconic hair. But Lisa Rinna has been seen occasionally to sport some other hairstyle. The way maintains her looks has been an inspiration for many women. We will see here the hairstyles that she prefers to keep and perhaps get some inspiration out of this actress.


Most of the time, she is seen with her short razored shaggy hair kept short. Her shaggy hair has become her trademark look and we hardly see her without it. The cut is flattering on her oval shaped face and defined jawline.


Seen at the Carousel of Hope ball, she is seen with her usual brown shag that she has sported with long lashes and nude pink lips. The brown hair with the highlights adds much texture to her hair.


Her choice of highlights for her conventional haircuts gets an update while the cut itself seems to remain constant. Honey highlights were sported on her dark brown locks when she appeared in the exhibition of Sham Ibrahim.


She was seen looking gorgeous with her shaggy hair tamed down at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.


She also went shorted on the shag, coming in close to a pixie cut but with the usual long bangs and wispy tips as she attended the 66th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards. The texture remained same but the change in length brought her with an upgraded sexy and glamorous look.


One of her different looks includes the dark weaved curls that she sported with chocolate highlights some years back. The long lashes, dark locks and seductive smile gave her a feline like charm.


On a rarer occasion, she was seen with a formal up do on her dark brown tresses.  The high bun and sleek sides made her look bolder and beautiful, working well to bring out her strong facial features.


Loopy short hair has also been spotted on Lisa few times, that brought her a lot of volume to her locks. We rarely see her with this style though, and for a good reason too.


Instead of her upwards curved bangs, Lisa has also been spotted, on several occasions to wear her shaggy hair in a neater and straighter style that makes her appear more refined.


Another memorable up do of her was on the black bold one shouldered dress that showed off a good amount of cleavage. The looped voluminous bun and neat sides coupled with the smoky eyes made her look hot.


Lisa Rinna even at this age continues to look good and active. The actress continues to sport her trademark hair, but we would love to see more changes in this glamorous actress and host.

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