Liam Payne Hairstyles

Liam Payne Hairstyles

Fashion, trends and hairstyle and even proper grooming for that matter, are few things, which are fascinating but not a cakewalk. One has to make many efforts and do research to get the apt look one desires for. This is where the magazines and tv shows pop in, where people look upto them and take tips to rejuvenate themselves. When talking of taking tips comes, on screen actors and celebs are a gone thing now. These days, musicians and musical bands rule the reign of not just beats but also looks and style. With that comes the inseparable mention of One Direction musical band. And the fans are surely not unaware about who is Liam James Payne. The Fly Me to The Moon artist has really flown to the moon when it comes to music and to top it, the singer has added another feather his cap by adding funky hairstyles and thus has always stayed in limelight for reasons other than his profession. Be it his brown eyes or heart melting smile, his hairstyle has been the hot topic to talk about. He has stamped his slicked back style as his signature style and has also experimented by changing a little bit more by going short and Emo style. Let’s talk a more about his hairstyles which make him so famous.

  1. The Signature Slicked Back Style: Liam has crowned his slicked back style so graciously as if it was made for him only. With putting brunettes shades always on first preferences, the One Direction singer seems to have taken just one single direction by making slicked back ones as his signature hair style. With a little faded beard, the man has aced it all and has managed to sport an all time dashing look.

2. The College Boy Pump in Slicked Backs: When it came to casual affair, Liam hasn’t left any stone unturned and has showcased the best slicked back puffy style. It is considered his most known and trendy hairstyle. After all, this is a haircut which college boys would definitely dote on. The singer sported such hairstyle in The Billboards Awards 2014.

3. Emo Haircut: The haircut which Liam wore in 2012 and 2013 but it turned out to become the favourite of all since then till time immemorial. Hair post cutting are slicked forward and lend a very cute, young and innocent look. A must try for all regardless of any face shape.

4. Buzz Cut: Another form of military cut but a bit moderated one. Though Liam wore it in 2016 but the style has been previously used and relished by David Beckham and brad Pitt before. We just did not know that it would go so well with Liam that others’ names will be wiped off.

5. Short Haircut: Short, spiky hair in single and medium length is the best and wonderfully casted magic one can wear during any event.

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