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Leighton Meester hairstyles.


The Gossip Girl star has recently been sporting a lot of trendy hairstyle and we could not help but take a note of it. While she has sported the wavy haired brunette as Blair Waldorf for the entire series of the hit drama series, Leighton has started to explore more on the hairstyles after ditching her rich spoilt girl look.


She stared with small roles from 2003 on, with the TV version of Tarzan. She was in her own natural blonde tresses at the beginning, having sets of beautiful ringlet curls to frame her pretty girl features.


For Entourage, Leighton started experimenting with her hair and wen for red hair with a long side bang and big waves. Her new look suited her rock star look in the movie.


Next year on, she had her big break being casted on Gossip Girl. From her blonde tresses, she had to dye her hair a dark chocolate brown for her role as Blair Waldorf. We must say, the dark shade suits her much better than her natural one. In the following years we will continue to see her in this rich color.


At the Tribeca film festival, she was sported with wavy curls and her bright eyes with hot pink lips. Her locks looked glossy as ever and we loved her look.


A fringe graced her forehead in 2009 with the same chocolate locks that she often keeps in long loos waves.


She appeared in the cover of InStyle hair the next year. The beautiful voluminous locks in pretty waves were a sight to see on her.


When she attended the Emmys in 2010, we fell in love with her look. The Grecian white dress with ruby red lips was stunning when coupled with her locks in a loose up do. The loose strands falling off her face and her healthy pink tinted cheeks. She was, without a doubt, a sight to behold.


In 2011, she sported the trending ombre hairstyle, having her dark locks with the graduating blonde highlights. It was utter sexy and style forward.


Next year, her locks look on an auburn shade with a fringe and beautiful set of curls. The shade of her hair went perfectly with her healthy skin.


Her hair took on a lighter tone in 2012 with a center parting. The same her, we saw a big transformation in Leighton. The hit TV series ended and so did her long tresses. The short sleek and straight haircut was a fresh and iconic change for Leighton. We heart her new look and couldn’t get over it.


In 2014, her hair grew out gain and she was seen with the brown hair in loose beach waves while she attended movie premiers.


Following year, her tresses wore a relaxed look when she arrived for a benefit in L.A. the lighter tone of her highlights were made visible and pretty with the loose waves.


Last year, she sported a still lighter tone of her hair as seen in the Fox upfront. The loose tendrils of hair and the center parting brought her more into a womanly look as compared to her girly appeal from before.


This year, she showed off her blonde locks with a face framing long fringe and small waves. Leighton Meester will forever be one of our favorite girls and we hope to see more of her this year.

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