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Lea Michele Hairstyles




Life teaches you many things and thus is called a biggest teacher. But when it comes to ageing, life doesn’t come with instructions of how to change your looks according to age. Such tips and style secrets are locked away in pandora box held by either celebs or the fashion magazine. Lea Michele Sarfati has lived up to her own expectations when it comes to looking elegant and just of her age. Known for her awesome performance in Fox Tv series Glee, Lea began her career as child artist in Broadway. An Actress, singer, songwriter and a writer, she has been it all but she possess the pandora box of radiance with which she always has hit the headlines with her renovated hairstyles. Let’s have a look at her various hairstyles.




  1. Medium Dense Curls: Dark brunettes with puffy curls may sound everybody’s and everyday’s look but Lea experimented with it by giving it a contrast with wisp bangs. The two in one styling is adding substance to her everyday style and making it not an everyday affair.



2. The Magic Of Sleek Half Up, Half Down: A normal half up, half down is again a normal look everyone knows and crowns themselves with. Lea has added extra brownie points by tainting the up section in black and down one in brown. Colour combo choice will always be yours and appreciations will always be from others.




3. Bobby Pinned Updo: Having multiple layers with wispy bangs left loose and wavy strands left loose which lends the crown bearer a cute and innocent look.




4. Simply Turning Straights: Simply straight strands with bangs is nothing out of box but giving them lowlights in golden tint or honey caramel can create a niche in your regular look.




5. Braid with A Bang: A side swept fishtail braid can be renovated with the straight bangs and a cap is the perfect recipe of being the toast of the town.




6. Side Swept Long Braid: A messily weaved braid can be renamed as ombre hairstyle. One can experiment with weaving tiny braids on the top.




7. Braided Updo: weave braid on both sides and leave the straight bangs loose. Bring both weaved braids at your back in U shape. The elegant updo is all time evergreen for any event or any dress.




8. Half Up and Half Down With Bangs: Keep your waves intact and put a middle parting and then pull the bangs out and make a half up and half down style.




Crowning oneself with normal hairstyles is different but one can create magic with some modification and rejuvenation and by thinking a bit out of the box. So don’t wait and look for sources to get inspired but get up, get, set and go.

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