Latest Hairstyles For Black Women 2021

In this post, we’re going to go over some of the best hairstyles for black women. From the simple girl next door to the more creative styles and everything in between, we’ve got it all.

Braids are and always will be one of the go to hairstyles for black women. Whether it be the braided ponytail or just regular old box braids, the braid never fails the black woman.

Thanks to Instagram and the rise of more creative styles, there are a lot more newer braids styles, few of which we’ve showcased below.  Braids are extremely versatile offering different lengths and thickness for you to choose from.

One of the fantastic things about black hair is that you can combine different lengths and styles easily. Box braids with undercut? Can do. Turn your box braids to marley hair? Even easier. The combinations and different styles are literally limited only by your creativity.

Black hair also handles shorter lengths and updos very well. You can go for shorter lengths of pixies and bob haircuts or tie your box braids up in an updo. A lot of black ladies lately are also opting for straightening their hair and playing around with different lengths.

Black hair has enough personality to look good both tied up as well as when it’s open. It has enough personality in it to rock a medium length or shoulder length hairstyle but at the same time can also work well into a jumbo twist or Senegalese braids for the longer haired sisters.

One trend that we’re more than ever before is black women experimenting coloring their hair a lot more. From the darker shades of reds and burgundy which compliment the black skin to the stark contrasts of bright blondes, black women do not fear to color their hair any more.

There are a lot of options for you when it comes to coloring your hair. You can go for ombres which transition to or from your natural hair color to full blown change in colors. You can opt for highlights or play with color in your box braids as well

Another black hair trend that has caught up in the past decade is black women embracing their natural curly hair. Whether it be leaving the hair open or tying it up in big bantu knots, natural hair makes for some pretty fantastic hairstyles

All in all it seems a fantastic era for black hairstyles and that black women have more options than ever before. This is the melting point of traditional African American hairstyles meeting the modern world and the results are wonderful. We’ve showcased a few more bonus black hairstyles below.