Latest Bob Hairstyles For Women In 2019



In 2019 the world of fashion majorly depends on two things: Dress up and hairstyle. Hairstyling again is divided into two parts: Haircut and hair colour. Hair cut again is the most basic but still the most vital part of anyone’s look. It won’t be an overestimation to say that haircut can make or break your look. Ranging from the simpler cuts like boy cut and u shapes,  time has brought in bobs, blunts, steps and layers into the scene. The advent of bob style brought a new trend and took over other cuts. With changing times, many A-lister Hollywood stars brought modifications to bobs and there was a change was done in length of bobs which was increased till nape of the neck. These long bobs were named as lobs. Let’s have a look at what is hot and what is not in bobs.




1.Brunette and Red Bobs: Emma Roberts has sported her short bobs with the tint of brunettes and red shades mixed together.




2. Mid Length Waves: Alison Brie was spotted showcasing her wavy mid length bobs in light blondes. A touch of red lips did wonders to her hairstyle.




3. Strictly Straight Bobs: Olivia Wilde showed her straight hair in lobs and coloured them in dark brunettes.




4. Curly Bobs: The famous star Rihanna has crowned herself with curly short bobs which gave grace to her.




5. Sleek, Swept Aside: Olivia Culpo has experimented with her straight bobs by sweeping her sleeks aside through mid parting.




6. Super Lobs: Selena Gomez has sported her mid parted dark brunettes which can be replaced by any shade of reds.




7. Messy Bobs: Diane Kruger has given bobs a new horizon by wearing it messy and wavy. One can always try it this way to get wild look.




8. Retro Bobs and Waves: Having wavy hair? Wear it with proud and give it retro look by out-curling and in-curling at the same time and be a rockstar.




9. Undone Textured Bobs: Chloe Moretz has showcased undone, uneven and asymmetrical textured bobs with platinum highlights.




10. Half Curl Half Straight: Alicia Vikander has sported her half bobs straightened and leaving the curls in the end open.




Hairstyles are the variated versions of limited haircut and add horizon to the old set rules of haircuts. One can have the same haircut for years on with the little moderation in them by imbibing various hairstyle to them. Without hairstyling and experimenting, there would be a dearth of haircuts and monotone will set in. Hairstyling is synonymous to experiments to haircuts in 2019. Thinking out of the box is what kickstarts the trend and makes you a trend-setter.

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