Lady Gaga Hairstyles



Stefani Joanne who was born in New York in 1986 and is a famous singer, songwriter and actress. But, she is better known to the world as Lady Gaga. As a music artist, she has been inspired by the likes of Madonna, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and the Beatles to name a few. As of January, of last year she has sold close to 27 million albums. But it is not just her songs that have made her such a rage both on social media and off it. It is also her outrageous sense of fashion and her over the top hairstyles.




She made the bow hairstyle her own when she pushed the boundaries on what is essentially a hairdo reserved for the weddings and other special occasions. So much, so that it has come to be known as the Lady Gaga Bow. But if one believes Lady Gaga only does over the top hairstyles, then one can think again. In the music video for her song Poker Face, she went for a platinum blonde hairdo. Yes, it’s not really a very understated look, but compared to her other looks it is nowhere near as over the top.




Well, outrageous is her forte. And she sure showed her fans that with her turquoise hair in a matching turquoise jacket. And, she has even done a shorter version of the same. Only Lady Gaga could’ve pulled off such a look. She also likes colouring her hair in shades of blonde and yellow. And at the 2010 Grammys she went for a combination of both. She also teamed up her blonde looks with shades of pink at the 2009 MTV awards. Again, a truly Lady Gaga look!




At the VMA music awards once, she showed up with a super short black haircut and dressed like a man in a black coat and white shirt. And just when one would think that she doesn’t do normal hairstyles, she has even sported a no frills brown hairdo. She has even shown up in a normal blonde bob cut and even in a normal but messy long hair with curls.




But being one who loves to surprise her fans with her over the top hairdos, she appeared on the cover of the 2009 Billboard magazine in her famous and outrageous purple wig! She has even been spotted in a ponytail that is coloured in rainbow shades. Long wavy aqua hair? Yes, she has done that too! And she has even styled her hair in the form of a side bun with blunt bangs. Maybe she just wanted to go for a style that was less complicated!




So, Lady Gaga is quite the enigma when it comes to her sense of style and hairdos. She largely believes in the principle of shock and awe when it comes to styling her hair. But essentially these styles are just an extension of her colourful and complicated personality. But more surprises are seemingly in store from this philanthropic musical superstar!

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