Kylie Jenner Bob Haircut



The bob style is one of the coolest short hairstyle for women, which stays in trend more than decades. The American reality television personality and model, ‘Kylie jenner’ is a real lover of bob hairstyle and tried so many versions of the bob.


Kylie is like an epitome to the bob hairstyle, because the styles of bob she went for are enormous and each one stayed unique. With her natural sleek texture hair, it was easy for her to style them into the bob. Mostly, the asymmetrical bob style is her favorite of all.


Initially, she had a medium length hair styled into a bob cut with a side-swept bang covering her eye on one side. The side partition was very prominent, which made her locks to fall over on side and the other side tucked in.


The centre-parted bob style, with chin length hair is another style of Kylie. The blunt ends, acts an angle to her jaw line and makes her face look elongated.


Sometimes, she goes off without the blunt ends to the bob style that hits straight to the neck. The centre-partition makes both sides of her to fall over her face.


Kylie’s stunning bob look is the side partitioned bob style with the asymmetrical side hair little longer than the other side. This way, the extra length hair styled in an asymmetrical way flows freely over her face and the other side tucked in, was an entire different style of bob.


To the same style, she gave a blue shade to the tips alone and did jagged cuts to the hair to get a voluminous look than the slick back style. The blue shade looks perfect with her warm skin tone.


She went completely into blue hair, with straight blunt end bangs across her forehead. The complete blue color, gave her an extreme change over and she went with this color just for a week.


Like the blue color for a week, Kylie tried a neon yellow bob style. Leaving the roots, she made her flowing hair into bright neon yellow shade, where the root line looks darker and the hanging yellow hair looks rocky.


Jenner again gave her hair a complete color transformation, with a light platinum blonde shade. Actually, Kylie looked stunning with the platinum hair color than the blue one because, the platinum shade enhances her face features and softens her skin tone.


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