Kristen Stewart Hairstyles



Kristen Stewart Hairstyles




One reason why we lack the uniqueness and style in our haircuts and hairstyles is the risk factor. The risk taking attitude can give us a lot more on our plate than what we expect. The same factor is profusely imbibed and intricately embedded in celebrities like oxygen flow. This is what makes them unique and stand apart. Kristen Stewart, who became not just child artist but also style icon, has had more hairstyles then the number of years she ages. The only thing which kept her going was her obviously imbibed risk taking factor. She is not only gone outbound but also gone out of the box to experiment with various hairdos. Be it haircut or hairstyle or even hair colour for that matter, the Into The Wild star has gone wild in her looks and has set new trends in the world of style and beauty. Let’s have a look at her various bold hairstyles.




1.The Buzz of Buzzcuts: Kristene was spotted at the premiere of Personal Shopper, where she spotted her all the new buzzcut by sporting a short pixie with darker roots.  This almost shaved looks is absolutely out of the box and platinum colour is also adding brownie points to her bold hairdo. However the actress and beauty icon has totally nailed it. When seen from different angles, it looks uber cool from side and back angle.




2. Slicked Back Shorts: A little lengthier than buzzcut but lesser than the shoulder length bobs, Kristene has slicked her longer hair back and has donned a geek look by using the glasses. Definitely a oh-laa-laa look.




3.Longer Bobs: Dark longer locks, with a band to slick hair back is the chic look one can crown for any casual outfit. Kristen enhanced the look by her smudged and smoky eyes.




4. Slicks Without A Bang: With light blondes and slicked back style, Kristen has again experimented with complete slicked back look but without a band this time. It gives them a much wet and wild look.




5. Asymmetrical Edgy Bobs: With the lightest shade of blonde or platinum, Kristen has managed to look uber cool in her asymmetrically cut bobs. She is just an effortlessly beautiful and stylish in her grungier style.




6. Side Slicked Boy Cut: Be it pixie cut or boy cut, it becomes synonymous but Kristen has gone one step forward and has side slicked them to get a more chic and hot look.




7. The Textured Chops and Crops: With the textured chops, Kristen has once again nailed her look with bleach colour and messy texture.




The looks mentioned above which Kristen has owned and has showcased, have been a bit out of the box style, which may not fall under the formal category. So if you willing to go formal, don’t go so funky.

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