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The famous television series ‘Keeping Up’ lead artist and super stylish model, entrepreneur ‘Khloe Kardashian’ – is popular for her short hairstyles and chopping perfection. She has the most versatile haircut, ever.


Initially, she had a long sleek hair, which she later chopped into a bob style. Khloe Kardashian has risen to be a bit of ‘hair hero’ in recent years, due to her lob-style cut. Her new ‘lob’ or long bob is the talk of town. The star is serving up some serious inspiration, with her lob hairdo.


Khloe’s long flocks, has once been a super style and casual looks. Many loved her long straight flock and her brunette hair shades. She made her long flocks centered part and blow-dried it. This gave her a sleek and straight finish. This works well with her tanned complexion and eyes.


Her flaunting thick locks and the sharp centre part, complemented her oblong face shape and highlights her symmetrical facial features, which also shows off her prominent cheekbones. Her natural thick tresses, looks best in this long and sleek hairdo, which also gave a glossy finish.


This style is very easy to achieve and can be worn day or night, which suits for any occasions. Just, dress up with come stench of make up as needed to suit your overall look.


Later, she chopped her into bob style. At a certain time of her life, she felt she needed to change her looks. She also mentioned once ‘A good haircut can be a game-changer literally in all terms like taking weight off shoulders in all senses of the phrase’.


Khloe’s lob style is a blunt cut that sits perfectly at the shoulder and the soft wavy dressing of the mid-lengths to the ends, enhance the overall fall off movement of her hair. The slightly curved end and the long grown out fringe is her, unique lob style.


The gorgeous lob is perfect to frame her long face, along with the deep blonde shade and golden brown color suits well to her amber brown eyes. Moreover, she maintained darker highlights throughout her hair, to give a natural finishing look.


The ‘long bob’ style, which is the cut of the season, looks best for all face shapes. When you rewind few years about Khloe’s life, she looked entirely different with her dark super straight long hair.  This is her most sophisticated look, as her long hair view is the most prominent appearance.


However, the ways she styles her lob style is what inspired others. Bombshell waves – her stylist used a curling wand that had a wide barrel at the base, which gave 70’s vibe considering look. Then, the pin straight look – which is simply a sleek centre parted blowout style.


Deep side part look is about the result of her hair flip and regardless of where the hair falls, as the short cut is really working for her. The wet look and the accessorized ponytail are some styles that come, in the list of Khloe hairdos.

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