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The star known for the start of career at a young age, television personality and entrepreneur – ‘Keyshia Cole’, is also an American singer/songwriter and record producer. Keyshia is a famous hip-hop singer, who enthralls all people with her powered voice and lyrics.


People are interested to her lyrics as well as to her, style statements. She always makes something different and unpredictable changes to her hair, for which she is popular. For every season, she will keep on changing her hairstyles and loves to vary her look each time.


Talking about Keyshia, her hair is sometimes long, medium or short. The singer made all sort of experiments to her hair, and is not afraid for innovation and creativities. She has even made thick curls and straight hairdos. Coming to the hair colors, she loves to get all shades of elegant colors.


Keyshia’s short hairstyles – from pixie cuts to short bobs, she has gone through everything. The short blonde pixie with slight wavy top is her, favorite look. The short-slicked back, gave her more mature and sophisticated look.


She even tried spiky hairstyles with these pixie cut – which looks funky and stylish. The straightened top of the head with light blonde shade and darker colors around the sides of the head looks, adorable. Cole complemented this look with sexy make up and dress.


The most short asymmetrical hairstyle – shorter on the sides and longer on the top, which is asymmetrically sided on the left. Coloring only the lengthy side and perfectly matching with bangs, looks so stunning. The retro style – that reminds the old time short hairdo, looks so cool.


She even made entry to the bob hairstyle. Bowl bob with soft curly hair or sleek version of soft bob with side bangs, are some more in the list of her short hairstyles. These bobs gave her a feminine look. She made a very bold statement, with all these looks.


With curls, she is perfect for Mohawk, which is wild and fun. The big tight curls that paired with tapered edges, makes a nice contrast. The jet-black version of the long curls with side swept bangs – looked more prominent on her long face.






As the singer is a lover of curls, she once made long curls that touch the neckline length with light brown shade, created a bubbly look to her. Then, she went for blooming curly hair worn in a side swept manner. This created a bouncy look and voluminous as well.


After curls, she shaved both sides of her head and went for a rocky style look. She added blonde curly hair on the top, which is unique. As said earlier, she tried all shades of color from bright blonde shades to dark and brighter shades like red, caramel etc.


Whatever the hairstyle chosen, she complemented every style with the sexy make up and eye colors. She is seriously a lover and real epitome of style, who is inspiring to change overall looks.

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