Kelly Ripa Hairstyles



One of the most powerful voices in media, the famous entrepreneur, host and American artist ‘Kelly Maria Ripa’ – with a diverse body to work both on screen and off camera, has been an inspiration to many. She always surprised everyone with her new changing looks, which is amazingly neat and beautiful.


Kelly’s looks are often ordinary but this makes her even more popular, as there is nothing much to maintain her styles. The Kelly’s impressive looks are very simple and elegant. Women of all ages, even with different hair types can often enjoy her looks and style.


The long beachy wave style and modern mid-lengths blowout is some, Kelly’s favorites. Later, she made the shift to an angular bob style. She made her looks very own and giving right texture to the styles is where, she stands out from the others.


Kelly’s initial look is with long wavy style, cutting layers around the sides and back. With her natural golden mane effects, these layers gave enhancement to bounce and movement of the waves, which fall off until the shoulder.


The long wavy formal look is so perfect, for any occasions. As this look can give added volume to the style, even with thin hair textured you can re-create this one. Oval and round face shapes matching off with Kelly, can try this look, which is an appreciable style.


Regarding her mid-length blowouts, the hairs are dry and parting in the centre gives balance out look to her round face. The loose curls add more effect, to the style. This style is to give a low-fuss look and feel.


Then, she went for the medium length bob cut style, which is the queen of all her hairstyles. The angled bob cut sits between wavy and straight, always looking fresh. The shoulder length straight sleek texture dressed with layers all through the back and the sides complemented her oblong face, with a polished look.


Kelly has an angular jaw line and this hairstyle texture, goes well to soften up her features. This hairdo is a fabulous option for busy women, as it is a timeless hairstyle and easy to maintain. Slight texturing at the ends; add more shine to the look. She made slight waves with the bob styles, which looks much more impressive.






Regarding her hair colors, Kelly Ripa has a natural blonde color. However, this does not stop her from trying new light shades or darker ones. At once, Ripa went for dark brown shades for a new hosting show. From light blonde shade to some golden highlights, she kept on changing looks with color to every event.


A reversed blonde ombre is a wonderful choice made by her. Even though, the color seems so subtle, the color with her wavy bob style definitely kept all the heads turning towards her.


Whatever the looks she tried, wavy and straight sleek textures were her most favorite choice. Most of the times, she made appearance with these looks and for this way only, she has been inspiring everyone with her simplicity.

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