Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles



Kelly Osborne being a singer, actress and a fashion designer, all at the same time, has undoubtedly given everyone major life goals and is a perfect example for an independent and successful woman. Throughout the years, Kelly has not just inspired women from across the world in terms of empowerment but also, her style has given some major highlights as well. And Kelly being the perfectionist and someone who likes to experiment things, has also given the generation of women some major hairstyling goals. So, in order to celebrate the universality and daringly experimental nature of this beautiful woman, here is a list of some of the hottest Kelly Osborne hairstyles that has inspired all the women to change their looks for good.




The first one to top the list is the famous 2002 MTV Awards look Kelly sported, with red and black hair and an asymmetrical bob cut is definitely one of the most remarkable look in her list. It’s bold and daring, exactly like the woman she is.




Let no person forget the absolutely breadth taking blonde Mohawk haircut Kelly owned up in the 2003 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards that revolutionized women’s choice in Mohawk hairstyles. Not just was this look super daring and bold but it gave everyone the notice that Kelly could do any look with all the ease.




Again in the 2003 MTV Movie Awards, Kelly was seen sporting two short pigtails with short messy hair that left every one swooning on her. Hate this woman or love this woman, you have got to admit that she is one of the boldest women to ever step down to earth.




The 2004 look of Kelly for the opening of her movie “The Merchant Of Venice”, where she wore a total black wig with bangs on the front was a jaw dropping one. Everyone knows that bangs never go out of style but Kelly Osborne is just here to prove it even truer.




Channeling her rather softer side, in 2006, Kelly surprised everyone by sporting a faux-haired hair band along with her then blonde crop haircut, with a little heap in the back. This look is still an inspiration to draw from.




Chopping her brunet hair with a sleek and mod pixie in 2008, Kelly made everyone believe the idea of changing looks from time to time and look perfect in every single one of them.




One of the most memorable hairstyle of Kelly Osborne is the famous pastel hue with lavender hints in which she sported in the year of 2010. This was a far promising look and made everyone drool over her hair and persona all over again.




At the 2010 Fendi Boutique Opening, Kelly showed up rocking platinum blonde tresses on her middle bob cut. This look made everyone fall for her and her style and left a very promising look for the other celebrities to follow.




In 2013, the star opted for a sexy Old Hollywood wave’s style with a dramatic shade of lavender. It seems like this woman doesn’t get enough of dying her hair as she quoted in an interview, “I think I have an addiction to dying my hair, because I always like it to be different.”

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