Keira Knightley Hairstyles



The English artist and model, ‘Keira Knightley’ has earned many famous awards for her performance and she is one of the international fame on the top list of high-paid artist. As the leading woman right now, many of her fans go crazy with her delicate hairstyles and wardrobe.


Keira always look cool and effortless, with all the different hairstyles, she chose and each one works well in her. She is one of the celebrities who is crazy about the short bob haircut and pulled of this bob style fiercely to some extent.


As with natural sleek straight hair, she kicked start her career with a smooth, honey-colored bob style. The blunt ends of the bob hits perfect at her chin line and gave her an angelic look.


Later, she went for darker shade look for her grown out bob style. With the dark hair, the young up-coming artist sported in an easy updo at the premiere show of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The updo is very simple like a knot at the crown, along with some strands falling off over her face at the front.


She become a lover of bangs and, went for thin strands of bangs with blunt ends, across the forehead. The medieval-inspired look, she tried to the premiere of ‘King Aurthur’, reflects her personal taste very well.


From the usual long locks hairstyle, she gave her hair a short haircut with a pixie style. She went gorgeously short and punk, with the short pixie and side swept bangs covering her entire forehead. The dark blonde hair shade glows along with her warm skin tone.


She again went for the bob style without bangs, and with off-centered wavy grown-out strands. The light golden hair color and her bronze eye shadow went well with each other.


Knightley again went for bang look, which she styled into a thick blunt end bangs reaching her eyes. This gave her a modern and edgy look. Along with the caramel highlighted curled ends long locks and bangs, she looked stunning.


Then, she completely went with the short asymmetrical bob style, where the jagged cut made the front hair to fall over her face and cover her one side. This was her brand new look, which she bobbed the hair herself.






Knightley framed her face with the centre-parted, long grown-out angled bob style. Later from then on, Keira started trying out various updo hairstyles with the dark chocolate shade hair. Her side-swept bangs went well with all the updo styles.


Her, natural flush looking updo style at the premiere of ‘Anna Karenina’ is one of the favorite updo. The simple updo style features, completely pulling off the hair into a bun and, the sides-swept bang tucked behind her ear. With bright red lipstick and cream blush, Keira looked extremely beautiful.


She headed back to the long locks with shoulder length style. From then, she kept changing her long locks with either midway curls or completely straight and even with messy wavy textured hairstyle.

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