Katy Perry Hairstyles



The songwriter and singer of the recent hit album ‘Witness’ by American singer ‘Katy Perry’ hairstyles are quite bold and look adventurous. Saying ‘effortless’ is a lie, until it happens without trying or taking risks as Katy did.


Katy Perry’s hair transformation are incredible, because each styles she chose stays unique and said to be boldest forever. As Katy had natural short hair that reaches until her shoulder line with blonde hair color, she appeared mostly with the same hair during the initial stages of her career.


The up-coming singer brought out a look with some choppy fringes. She maintained her fringes not to cover her forehead completely and kept it as scattered strands at the front. This brought out her big blue eyes and structured cheekbones.


Then, she grown out her hair and made a style without the touch of fringes. Her 40’s inspired floral style, with a quite high puff at the front and leaving the rest of the hair to hit the shoulder looks graceful. The rosy lips and smoky eyes with grey lens, add effects to the vintage look.


Her golden glowing skin, rocked in a Hollywood party with long straight locks with uneven layers. After the smash hit of ‘I kissed a girl’, her shoulder length, dark bob style with side parted fringes and eyelashes tops the trend charts.


After giving many hits, she framed her face with a blunt end bob style and fringes with blunt cut that reaches her eyebrows. The graphic bob style makes her face look elongated.


Her great transformation look was the bright ocean blue color, with straight bangs across the forehead and medium locks heavily curled at the ends. She went for the style, to honor her role as Smurfette in the Smurf’s movie.


For the next MuchMusic award, she chose loose grown-up waves and long side –swept bangs hitting the ear and with mauve lipstick.


Her next popular look is at the Grammy Awards, where her sleek dark textured hair was simply centre parted and given curls at the ends. About this look, her makeup artist mentioned ‘Katy look was angelic and sparkly ethereal’.


The springy green shadow on the bottom lash line, along with the lavender creamy eye shadow across the lid, was at the peak talk at the event.


After many years of dark long locks shade, she went for light blonde hair color. She matched the blonde hair color, with the curly textured bob style slightly swept in asymmetrical way. Then, she gave her hair a bright hot pink color and stunned everyone for a certain period.


Perry again switched up her look, by chopping her long locks into a very short angled bob, with a lightening hue combination of baby-pink. After few weeks, she wanted to go with a particular blue color and this was another pretty look.


Her new color after the blue was a purple velvet shade. The style was a very punk rocky look and the grown out bob looks great with the color.


Katy proved that she is a hair-color chameleon and kept on changing her mane looks. From light green to violet locks, to further events. Her last hairstyle is the pixie cut with very light blonde-platinum shade.

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