Katniss Braid Hairstyles



The love for braid style hairdos has never gone out of style amongst, women. The braid hairdo can go well with any type of hair texture and gives a look of perfect beauty style. In the same way, inspired from super model hairstyles comes the – ‘Katniss Braid’.


The famous series ‘Hunger Games’, fictional character and main protagonist ‘Katniss Everdeen’ – portrayed by ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ has seen with a new model of braid style, which is then turned popularly into Katniss Braid. This braid style from her fictional character is absolutely lovely and inspired from her by the series fans.


The side swept braid of Katniss seen throughout the movie, is an iconic look. Generally, simple braid is a practical hairstyle but this braid gave a sophisticated look, which you can wear to any formal occasions. With this style, everyone can get a sense of elegance.


There is a slight difference to this side swept braid, as it is a cross between the waterfall braid and the French braid. The style uses a Dutch braid starting on the front of right side of the head and braiding diagonally until finishing.


The only variation is by pulling the pieces of hair strands under the braid and not like the one, you do for the French braid. This braid, not only gave a chic way to keep hair out of your face, but will also give you a stylish look that is elegant for on a night out.


To re-create Katniss braid, slightly part and dump hair on right side. Same as French braid section the hair and start forming braids by pulling each strand down and not above. Add more hair to each crossover, as you proceed until reaching an inch above the neckline.


After that, start to braid horizontally across the left neckline and then gather all your hair and finish traditional braids. Secure the end with an elastic band and it is over. You can even go for detailing the braid with some hair accessories, which makes it even more adorable.


This braid style is well suitable for long and sleek straight hair texture. Even for medium length and short hairs that is right above the shoulder line, can suits this braid. You can even add extensions, when you feel short hair does not match with the look.






Most importantly, the style intended to look messy, as it is the original form that worn in the series. From the look in the series, many thought that there might be one extra strand added to the braid and that is why it looks voluminous.


Actually, the head hair stylist ‘Linda Flowers’ is the one who created this Katniss braid style, which is so amazed by everyone. She used a tool called ‘TopStyler’ to add volume to the strands, which made the diagonal strands look heavy with more width. The Katniss braid is an iconic style, which you even you can try at home with some ideas from the photos available.

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