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Kate Moss pictured filming in Central London
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Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 24 Jun 2013
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Supermodel Kate Moss who has been the face for many brands and has set a standard for models, have always been in the limelight since being discovered. With her own sense of fashion and changing looks, she has been a woman to look up to for all the young aspiring models. A woman of her own platform, we take a look at the changes that Kate Moss has gone though in her looks and hairstyle.


She was the face of Calvin Klein in 1994 who loved her unique features and chose her to represent the brand. She at that time had her hair messy in sandy strands. She kicks started her modelling career and started off with her changing looks there on out.


A variety of styles were sported on the model as she posed for magazines and rocked it on the ramp. This was only the beginning for Kate as she would grow into a more successful woman, not just as a model.


She had her hair cropped into a pixie with a dark shade in 2001. For a woman with a busy schedule, this had probably been a good haircut for her. All there was to do with this low maintenance style, was to wash it and blow dry.


She grew out her hair in 2002, keeping up with the demands of her job.


In 2003, she again had long hair with darker blonde shade and her career going good.  Kate often sported this sexy messy hair that seemed like she never brushed it in the morning. We do not understand how she can pull it off, but she did.


The blonde hair became her trademark and stayed with her in the following years 2004 and 2005.


Her locks again took on a darker hue in 2006 while the next year, she had a fringe with her dirty blonde locks. The same year, she launched a signature fragrance and a clothing line, having become successful and a woman to be considered an icon to many.


A medium length bob was her look for 2010. The messy bob was sexy and the model wore it with ease. A wispy fringe and long layered cut dominated later that year for Kate and she looked as great as ever.


Sculpted waves and a nice tan gave her a refined look in 2012, being seen in many fashion events, a year after her marriage to James Hince. The following year, she attended the British Fashion Awards in London. She was seen in her natural makeup and hair, with a classy red lipstick to highlight her appearance. She looked beautiful in her natural appearance. This just proves how she need not make much effort.


Kate Moss was the definition of radiance in 2014 with the long blonde hair and a beautiful smile to match with. She started going minimalistic and we have no doubt about how stunning she looks when she has that glow in her.


In 2015, she was seen for the screening of Pitch Perfect 2 in London. There was hardly aby make up on her save for a pink lipstick and she looked naturally beautiful. The natural hair that she sported added more beauty to her overall neutral and casual look.


She again went natural and neutral at the 201 Saks Fifth Avenue launch of Decorte Beauty. The shimmery minimal make up and nude lips was a rocker along with her wavy hair.


Kate Moss had been one of the women to redefine fashion and has always been an icon. She continues to look as fabulous as ever even at this age. We hope more to see of her and get inspired by her latest appearances this year.

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