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Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles




Kate Beckinsale originally named as Kathrin Romary Beckinsale is the debutante of Much Ado About Nothing but the actress has created a hullabaloo with her constantly changing looks. The young diva kickstarted her career very soon when she was student at University of Oxford and she was spotted in the British comedy drama , Prince of Jutland, Cold Comfort Farm, Emma and The Golden Bowl. The actress has been successfully managed to be the toast of the town since the advent of her career in industry. What makes her what she is today is not unknown to all: Her constantly changing hairstyles and hairdos. One can get a whole guide jotted down with her such dramatically changing hairstyles. Let’s have a look at them.




  1. The Wild Blunts: Kate was spotted in in turned blunts in Much Ado About Nothing and her look annihilated the industry as it had the punk and wilderness in it. One can try lowlights or highlights to moderate It more.



2. Layered Cropped Bobs: In Golden Bowl Premiere, Kate was spotted showcasing layered chin length bobs which were cropped in two layers and tainted honey shade of blonde.




3. Long Auburns: The star of Underworld came with a much unique long locks in auburn style. The honey brown shade is adding brownie points to her look.




4. A Highlighted Beehive: A pompadour and updo tucked in beehive with bangs tucked aside and highlighted with the contrasting colour can really make you stand apart. Kate was spotted in such brown base and red highlights at MTV Movie Awards.




5. Light Blondes and Multiple Layers: Light blondes with caramel highlights, The Van Helsing star has sported best of her multiple layers and gave them bounce with turning them out.




6. Soft Bohemian Updo: with the bangs set in middle parting and making a low bohemian bun with ringlets at back, sounds too elite? This absolute look was crowned at an Oscar party by Kate.




7. Side Swept Swirl Waves: Kate sported side swept swirly waves with copper blondes with almost no make up look.




8. Back Swept French Bun: Kate sported her natural complexion with just base primer back swept French bun. A look so classy and divine for the divine lady.




10. Retro Ponytail with Bounce: Kate was spotted with retro style half left curls aside with a bouncy ponytail.




11. Brunette Locks in Bouffant Updo: Tying brunettes in normal updo is something which everybody does. But making a bouffant updo with brunette locks is something which is sure to grab eyeballs.




12. Regal Updo: In Golden Globe Awards, Kate was seen in a regal flat updo. The hairdo is best for long and oval shaped face profiles.




Kate hs always been into limelight for glamorous reasons and if you willing to be into same limelight, then don’t rethink and never give a second thought in following Kate’s style.

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