Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles



After, a series of supporting film and television roles, ‘Kaley Cuoco’ the American artist made her breakthrough role, is famous for her look of simple next-door girl style. She had a prominent killer hairstyle, with medium hair length wavy look.


Kaley medium straight casual style is a perfect look, with hair that fall off until her shoulder. For this to achieve, she layered her medium length hair and dressed it into a wavy texture on the sides and the back of the head. This wavy texture, gave a well-balanced look for her long face.


The side loose waves, add width and volume to the hair, which looks fantastic. This category of styling, gave her a stylish and casual look that is perfect, for any event. Viewing you as Kaley, her looks are suitable for oval and round shaped faces.


Later, Kaley Cuoco has gone for the chop. She went for the pixie cut bob style, with which she made various experimental looks. With her short hairstyle, she debuted into the ‘Big Bang Theory’s’ season premier, which make really into the headlines.


She also explained that initially, this cut was for her role but later she maintained this short cut forever. Kaley also said that ‘once she started chopping her hair, she could not stop after that’, as her pixie cut was even adorable.


The highlight of Kaley’s pixie haircut is that, is making the top and sides into layers to a fun and fancy style. The lengthy top hair than on the sides, with jagged cut and smoothened over to one side, gave a stunning finish look.


The side swept bangs along with her style, completes the over-all look and the style is brilliant. Actually, this is a fantastic hairstyle for those with medium to thin textured hair and is versatile enough to match any occasion. Moreover, this hairstyle gave a professional look and loved by women of all ages.


To maintain the look perfectly, use some wax products to hold and shine the hair to certain features. Trim it regularly, to avoid messy look once the hair grows and to stay in this stylish look.


She turned all the heads in the ‘Kids Choice Awards’ with her clean, super sleek and neat smooth style. Started with side sweeping, she dumped all her hair into one side and combining them down into a poker straight look and stayed elegant.


Kaley, is also a lover of blonde shades and colored textures. She cut her hair and tried different styles with various shades. From pinkish to pastel blue and purple color, she tried all and dyed her hair. With her warm skin tone, these shades blended well with her look.


A quite edgy pixie cut with pink shade, is something a bit bolder look, even with which she made a comfortable statement. When you feel like to opt for a bright color, you can probably go with her choice. She currently, dyed her hair into silver shade darker than her natural blonde hair. However, she is a maker of bold statements.

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