A man who has been in the spotlight for over two decades now for his music and style, Mr. Justin Timberlake has certainly evolved over time with his looks. Not only is he known for his super catchy hit songs but is also well-cherished for his distinct style over the years which has transformed and matured in different styles right from his curly haired boy band days to the now dapper looking style icon. Let us take a look at all his looks over the years.

Right from the start of his career, Justin experimented with trying different styles. From curls to straight to blonde cuts, he seriously has gone for a journey with his hair.

Justin’s hair is naturally curled. Initially, when he started his career as a pop singer, he let his tight curls fly free. The tight curls gave him a cute boyish look, which was perfect at that period because Justin became a heartthrob of so many women overnight.

This tight curl hairstyle was popular at that time and JT was associated with his boyish looks and his cute blonde curls. For anyone wanting to try it out now, know that it is still a great look which is low maintenance and fresh. If your hair texture is naturally curly this is a great style to mimic.

However, Justin soon matured from this look to a style that his audience felt looked incredibly sexy and clean on him which is the crew cut hairstyle. Justin usually paired it with a light beard and this style was extremely well-received and is till date considered to be one of his hottest styles. We don’t know if Justin switched to this style because he was tired of his curls or if his stylists knew a shorter haircut would look amazing on him but irrespective, everyone was extremely pleased and awestruck to see Justin in this shorter hairdo.

Justin has also tried different lengths of beard over the time. His beard is not a full and well-defined beard, yet he has made it work incredibly well for himself. His beard styles are a good inspiration for anyone with a patchy beard. As for JT himself, we as well as his fans unanimously agree that the light stubble he kept looks the best on him. He has tried everything from a goatee, to clean shave and chinstrap beards but nothing goes as well as the light stubble on him and just adds to his hotness.

As Justin Timberlake has aged over the years, he has transitioned to a more dapper and mature look. He still rocks the same light beard but now pairs it with a hairstyle that can either be called a quiff or an undercut with longer styles. This is a very handsome look for Timberlake and is a great style to try out for the young guys following in his footsteps.

Justin Timberlake is an incredible inspiration to everyone. Whether be it his musical talent and success, his impeccable dressing style or his perfect hairstyles, he is an inspiration to both young and old alike and is rightfully considered a style icon. We hope you’ve picked up some interesting new styles for yourself from this list. We’ve added a few more hair styles of Justin Timberlake below for you to enjoy.

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