Justin Timberlake Hairstyles



A man who has been in the spotlight for two decades and the epitome of style ‘Justin Timberlake’ has certainly evolved, over time with his looks. With his successful career, he became very popular for his selection of unique haircuts.


Earlier, from his career until date he kept on changing looks with stunning styles that made him, stay smart. He always managed to stay fresh and cool, with new trending styles.


From curls to straight to blonde cuts, he seriously has gone for a journey with his hair. Justin’s hair is naturally curled. Initially, when he started his career as a pop singer, he let his tight curls to fly free. The tight curls gave him an undoubted boyish look, which was perfect at that period.


This tight curl was popular at that time, for its low maintenance and fresh look. If you naturally own this kind of curly texture, follow his style. However, not for everyone, this look could stay fresh. Some needs care to make control, over this style.


For a certain period, Justin worked completely with close clipped ‘crew cut’. This way he looked, so sexy and clean. This is a style, which makes to stay simple and when you certainly do not bother about hair and styles, you can definitely join his style of close cuts.


Later, Timberlake moved away from his curly look and adopted sleek hair. The ‘neat sweep’ is his current hairstyle, which is probably the most-demanded style amongst men now. This look is very simple. Yet, offers you a classy look.


To achieve this style, make short hair around the sides and the back, and little long hair in the front. Moreover, it is then sweep forward to make a sleek and give a defined look. This gave him a terrific look, whenever he is on the red carpet.


He also tried ‘quiff’ styles, with his sleek new look. This could be the most stylish haircut that Justin ever had. Combining pompadour with modern side parting, he manages to work it pretty for any occasion.


Recreating this style is very simply, just by using some wax products. Apply some wax to hair, gently with your fingers and comb hair back from forehead. Then, blow-dry your fringes to gain extra height. Finally, use combs to part the sides and get a neat look.




Often with his styles, he tried certain shades of color textures. He has colored his hair with warm oak brown hue, which looked great with his slick back hair. The other time, he made darker brown base tone with few well-placed sorrel highlights.


He never forgets to match beard styles to his new hair looks. Even though, he never gone for full beard versions, his rugged beard is enough for creating masculine featured look.


As mentioned earlier, he is an icon of styles that you will love for sure. You can opt to his styles and looks, as his styles are not that much burden to create.

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