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The very famous ‘Modern Family’ series actress – ‘Julie Bowen’ who plays the high strung, overprotective mother is giving fans a behind the scenes sneak peak, of what happens in the glam van for fun. She is an inspiration for short bob hairstyles with various looks.


Julie Bowen – always stayed cool and casual, with free flowing wavy hair locks. Whatever the event, she made most appearance with wavy style that suits her well. The straight or wavy looks that she maintained, framed her long face.


She looked adorable with – the curled bob cut. Certainly, the bob cut is not a trendy hairstyle. However, it is popular due to the sexy look that it offers with some loose curls. This hairstyle also gives a feminine look, playful and easy to style.


Julie Bowen curled bob – is made of layers all over her golden hair. This textured layer adds volume and movement to the full-bodied look and feel.  Cutting, the sides of the head into deep part with nice angles, brings focus to the eyes. She glows with this, short cut.


This is ideal for women with thin to medium hair that needs a voluminous look. The oblong face shape looks best with short and lengthy hair fringes, which fall off in the face.


Julie tried curly waves with this bob style that softens up her jaw line, which is an added benefit about this look. She styled her curled bob into a half updo look. With sweet bangs on the sides, and the lengthy hair is pull, pinned at the top of the head. This is great for any casual occasions.


Julie’s bob curled haircut is very easy to achieve – just by parting hair to the left and use side swept or straight fringes to give some detailed look. With some curling tools, make curls in the front and the side of the head. Finally, shine your hair with some smooth wax of your choice.


Long, grown out fringes with casual wavy bob style, looks best. This is a very easy to re-create hairstyle at home. This style is even suitable for hair with thin textures and requires only less styling time, which is perfect for all professional places.


Regarding her hair color, she has a very natural blond shade. She went from light to dark blonde-haired women shade with golden highlights. She even had medium blonde shade with ginger highlights.




Bowen attended the Elle women in comedy event with a casual ‘messy updo’ and with red shade ‘Bob cutch’ to other event. The slight touch of makeup and plain lipsticks, adds glow to her looks.


Julie Bowen looks are really astonishing and simple to style, which can be re-created. She gave many variations to the bob style with her own interest and tried it to the best. When you are a lover of short haircuts and need some styles to that, you can opt for bob style and let your imagination fly by making your own variations, which suits your overall look.

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