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The multi-talented and performer, who is known for the famous short bob haircut ‘Julianne Hough’ is a shining star. The immensely improved star from the two time winner to the judge in the – ‘Dancing with the stars’, Julianne haircut gave a new full life circle.


The short haircuts are always in the top trend among the celebrities. As the love for short hair, made Julianne chop down her long hair into the wavy bob style. Even though, many in the past have tried this bob haircut, it does not get match with her style and put off like Julianne. Because, she has her very own messy texture which is perfect and beautiful.


With this short haircut, she has shown many variations to her on-the-go lifestyle. The casual bob with loose waves in the sides and the back, gave her over all subtle movement. With blonde locks, she looked so classy. In addition, this bob creates a nice frame to her heart shaped face and low hairline.


Long, grown out fringes with casual wavy bob style, looks best. This is a very easy to re-create hairstyle at home. Only, regular trim to avoid split ends is required.


Her medium wavy formal look is, very simple. She pulled all her hair on one side, twisted it and pinned them to the back of the head. This creates an asymmetrical hairdo that is perfect, for any occasions. She created an edgy hairstyle with a formal updo, with her own interest.


With light blue eyes and peachy skin tone along with the side swept fringe and some flipped out tendrils, made her look stunning. This hairstyle is suited for oval, square faced people, and it is easy to re-create.


Julianne looks lovely with the ‘bob with straight casual’ look and is very easy to manage. Layers around the edges of the hair and with light blonde mane effects, creates textured ends. Smoothened top hair and counter the head to frame made her face to a, round one.


Later, she made her hair very short and tried ‘the short straight casual’ hairstyle. The back of the head is tapper into a nape, while the top and side layers left to fall naturally. The low-fuss hairstyle with light blonde effects, gave her a sweet finished look. This style is even suitable for hair with thin textures and requires only less styling time.


The hair hits right at the base of the jaw with ‘Half Pinned back style’ of ‘Julianne Hough’ short cut hair, gave her a flirty look. First, she created three chunky twists with her long hair and pinned them into a unique updo for, the Gala event.


For a charity event, Julianne made her appearance with ‘The Tucked Away’ look. She opted for a slick back her entire hair with bright blue eyes, that made her face to glow. As a lover of bob haircuts, Julianne went for many variations that needed less maintenance and time.

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