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Julia Roberts


The forever ‘Pretty Woman’, Julia Roberts is a diamond among many. A fabulous smile and charming personality, we are all hearts for this amazing lady. Since her teenage days, she has come up and stole the hearts of many. Coming from Georgia, the Steel Magnolia star have always rocked a variety of styles in hair and look. We have often come to associate her with her statement beautiful curls.


From her curly days in Steel Magnolias, she moved on to a cropped hair for her role in Hook as the pixie Tinkerbell. We cannot argue that both styles look good on her. She has the hair that is cooperative with any style and that is a boon to cherish.


In 1994, her chopped hair took on a longer length, appearing more as a shag in her role in the movie I Love Trouble. The fringe and the tapering shaggy hair brought a different look to Julia.


A sexy sleek look took over in 1995 as she wore a red hair with a classic black dress for the premier of the movie Something to Talk About. The sleek straight hair and smoky eyes were such a charmer to her rosy cheeks and dazzling smile.


The 1997 movie My Best Friend’s Wedding saw Julia’s hair in blonde locks, which were later chopped to long wispy bob in Stepmom. Following year, she graced us with her neat appearance in a voluminous up do at the People’s Choice Awards.


The textured bin and edgy, smoky make up that we saw her in brought her into a new appearance the next year as she starred in movies like Runaway Bride. She kept up with the delicious curls for Erin Brockovich that we simply love on her. The ringlets are our favorite on her.


She hit the blonde in 2001 for Ocean’s Eleven with buttery soft locks and waves. The voluminous waves were wonderful on her and brought out the glow in her.


Ginger red was the color for 2002 as she attended the Academy Awards, while in 2004, she wore blonde again to the Oscars, the time by which she was pregnant. Julia was glowing with her motherhood.


From her red long curls in 2007 for a movie, she moved on to a darker shade as a brunette in 2008. The next year, she went back to blonde like a chameleon to suit her mood. The wavy locks were a contrast to the dark hair that she had spotted the previous year. But she continued to keep up with blonde the following years as she made appearances in several movies and awards.


Then in 2012, she went back to chameleon with her auburn hair which moved on to ombre the next year. By this time, she was 45 and proved with a smash that style has no age restriction.


2014, she goes back to blonde and then to brunette as seen in 2015 at the Oscars with her blown out hairstyle at the red carpet.


Last year she sported honey blonde locks at the Cannes film Festival and we are so far keeping up with her forever changing looks. This is one woman who deserves the title of hair chameleon!


Julia Roberts even at this age remains a gorgeous beauty. A girl coming from a small town, she has achieved much more than what she had hoped and we could not be happier for her. We will continue to keep up with this hairstyle rocker and see what she brings for us this year.

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