The ever gorgeous Hollywood star ‘Judi Dench’ is known for her iconic roles in movies like ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘Skyfall’ and her signature short gray hairstyle. She has been rocking her short cropped ash blonde hair for quite a few decades now. Today we will take a deeper look at Judi Dench’s this popular hairstyle and her other styles over the years.


Although Judi Dench had short hair from a very young age, she did not start that way. She had regular long hair common for girls that age and then transitioned to a more shorter length. We have two vintage photos of Judi Dench which showcase this transition. 

Once that Judi went short, there was no stopping her. Since Judi experienced the short haircut, she has maintained the same length ever since. She has experimented with different styles within the short length itself though

Judi has sported side swept bobs, longer lengths that go up to her nape, spike bobs and many more styles. One of the signature styles of Judi is to pair her short hair with an interesting accessory which just brings out the color of her beautiful blue eyes. She usually uses very tasteful jewellery like diamonds or corals. 

Judi has also stated that she likes the small trips to the hair dressers and that because her hair was really thick earlier, it was difficult for her to find the right haircut. But once she went short, it suited her personality the best and rightfully so because no other woman has conveyed power and authority on screen like she has.

Judi’s go to style has always been the pixie haircut. Pixie is the shortest length of hairstyle a woman can sport after a buzz cut. Because Judi has a strong texture to her hair and combined with her ash blonde hair color, the pixie looks fabulous on her.

Whether she uses any hair product to keep her hair styled that way is unknown but if we were to guess, we’d say she uses a little wax or hair spray to keep her hair in shape on those red carpet evenings.

Judie Dench has a prominent cheekbone and arched eyebrows which makes her pixie cut look that much more flawless. If you are wanting to try out her style but are hesitant because you don’t have the same facial features or gray hair, worry not. Because you can always go for a short layered bob hairstyle which will achieve the same purpose. Layered haircuts will help your locks separate out while giving you a fuller looking mane.

Judi Dench is a great role model for women in their 40s and 50s who are looking to experiment with a shorter haircut but not restricted to only them. Even younger women who wish to convey authority and shorter styles will find Judi Dench as a great on-screen icon and a bastion of power.

We’ve attached few more bonus styles of her below. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and picked up some good inspirations.

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