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The star of the show ‘In The Heights’ of the Broadway musical and former American Idol winner ‘Jordin Sparks’, is a show stealer. Every time with her styles, she perpetually looks cute. She maintained some unique hairstyles each time to an event, with which she stayed as a glam doll.


Once she shared a word, ‘The first time I wore clip-in extensions was during Idol’, with which she felt it has changed her life. From then, she felt it fun to experiment with length and color. With her hairstyles and looks, you will get real excitement.


However, you can always wonder how does ‘Jordin Sparks’ manage to step out with new beauty profile. Actually, it is very simple for her to maintain her elegant look. Because, she tried variety of hairstyles and make up looks with which, she stayed flawless. Some, great styles of her will be a great inspiration for you people.


First thing, that you get notice with her look is the texture of her hair. She made curls, straightened it or braided them with a bun. Yet, she did not stop with it and added some blonde effects with a hair color. She loved either free flowing of hair or making them into tight ponytails. It is merely of her choice, about how she wants to look that day.


When it comes to curls, she does tights curls as well as loose one. To the ‘American Idol’ finale, she stunned everyone with long tight curls. Matching, it with a stain of brown lipsticks and very less make up. For ‘All or Nothing’ event, she made her cute appearance with simple loose curls.


Ponytails or high buns are her favorite choices. Most of the time, she tried styles with ponytails. To a ‘red carpet’ event, she simply slicked back her hair into a ponytail with minimal make up and barely sticking with the lip color.


Then she made chocolate shade to her hair. That shade of color, made her look more vibrant. With her chocolate waves, she made ‘Half up Half down’ hairstyle. She kept it classic, by pulling half hair into an updo and letting the remaining to flow free. Jordin also swiped on with neutral lipstick to give her face a creamy look and that stayed, youthful.


Jordin has a long straight cut, featuring a chic centre part. With deep berry gloss, she showed off to an event. When coming to bun and knot styles of her, Jordin was a pinnacle of elegance. With her swooped hair on the back into a chic bun, she was gorgeous.


She tried rich red color to the ends, made craze ombre effects with pink curls. Her fiery red ponytail to a music awards, is astonishing. Nevertheless, she is a glam of choices.


She has ever failed us, with her looks. Her iconic looks are a great inspiration, to recreate. You can look for more ideas from her, to style your day into perfect one.

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