Jessica Alba Hairstyles



Jessica Alba Hairstyles




Celebrities are always under radar when it comes to maintaining their physique or changing their hairstyles. Willingly or unwillingly, they have to keep going and have to be on toes for few hairstyle transformation. Jessica Alba who has also won Teenage Choice Award and also Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television award has vouched proof her versatility by bagging the Teen award. Only a lady so versatile and experimenting with her looks can bag such awards. No wonder the actress and also the renowned businesswoman is known for her constantly changing looks. Let’s have a look at her constantly changing hairstyle secrets.




1.Cross Pinned Side Curls: Jessica donned a 20 inspired look and clipped her middle parted hair with cross pins and doing the curls in the ends of her blunts. This look was sported in the premiere of Never Been Kissed.




2.Dark Double Layered Look: Jessica showcased in her Dark Angel TV series in double layered shoulder length dark brown brunettes, A perfect look for both casual and formal events and dress ups.




3. Ruby Red Straights: The Lorea’l spokesperson has sported her ruby reds in her shoulder length straight hair. This look is best for oval shape and square shaped faces. The colour choice can be moderated according to your skin tone and preference.




4. Sleek Straight Pompadour with Honey Highlights: One can always follow her footsteps by donning sleek straight hair tied in pompadour with honey caramel highlights. The colour of highlights can again be changed according to one’s preference and comfort.




5. Deep Auburn with Half Up and Half Down Side Bangs: Doing a half up and half down in silky straight side bangs will add elegance to your look. The actress also sported a deep auburn colour to boost her look.




6. Straight, Shoulder, Shorts: A side swept bob, wearing a sleek hair with some light brunette or blondes can rejuvenate your look like never before.




7. The Volume in The Bobs: Alba’s appearance in the Golden Globes became talk of the town. One can try on these voluminous bobs by teaming it up with some suitable and preferable hair colour or highlight or even lowlights for that matter.




8.Lush Brunette Locks: Want to own a Juliet Look? Leave your layers open and twirl the ends in soft waves and tuck it with a headband. Colouring them Burgundy or dark browns can give you a graceful look.




9. The Band Braid and The Bun: tying braids from both sides and bringing them up to merge and form a headband style and tucking the rest locks back in bun will make you shine among others or there will not be any effort needed to outshine them.




10. Layered, Edgy and Asymmetrical Bobs: Jessica has sported her edgy bob look The Killer Inside Me and Valentines Day and  has looked at her best in the scene.




If changing is your forte in terms of looks and gaits, then these easy to do and easier to maintain are definitely your cup of tea.

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