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The ever-gorgeous American model, activist and singer, and mother-of-one ‘Jenny McCarthy’ is a real inspiration for short hairs. She is a goal of new looks. Her light platinum blond locks, is everyone’s favorite. Moreover, she loves to re-invent her looks and made chops to her long hair.


Earlier she had long sleek hair, with which she looked elegant. She loved to free flow her lengthy hair, as it suits her well. She let it straight or made them into wavy curls to look natural. With right touch of makeup, she maintained her glam.


Later, like every women Jenny is tired of maintaining her long hair look. Therefore, she chose to keep it sexy and made them into a short cut. She tried pixie cut with some hair flowing off her faces, is a great choice. With this look, her fans went crazy, loved it and even inspired.


With this short cut, she chose to make it look wavy. As, this blow-wave can add volume to the hair. Making, it perfect hairstyle for any occasions. The main idea of this look is to stay beautiful, with short flowing hair and to frame a long face. People with oval, oblong or square face shapes can go with her choice.


Once, she made curls to the wavy hair. The hair, is cut into medium to long layered curls all around the back and sides of the blonde hair. These curls add volume and bouncy effect. This is best suited to compliment her long face.


After this, Jenny again went for experiment in her hair with Bob cut. This haircut is quite popular as they provide nature that is more flexible, when compared with long hair. She looks stunningly sexy with this hairstyle.


She is a lover of forehead bangs or fringes. Along with bob haircuts, she maintained some cute bangs. Bangs with bob is a great combination. Jenny with side bangs and straightened bob hairstyle, looked classy. Not only short hair adds benefit to her looks, it is about her hair color.


Throughout her career, she is famous for her platinum blond locks. Now, she opted to go for brown hair adorned with chunky blond highlights. Her hair stylist mentioned once ‘When everyone is going for blond effects this summer, she did exactly the opposite’ with choosing brown shades.


She also went bold with ‘hot bitch pink’ to an event, stating that she is not afraid to test out new colors. She is typically a wow star, with brunette shades of looks and style.


Jenny is a mere inspiration for looks and shades. Recreating her looks, need much confidence because she is a lover of experiments. Only when you desire to do that, you can look for her styles. Opting her for more looks, makes you stay glow.


Most importantly, make a wise choice about which suits you the best when you try for her looks. Because, she always does things which is right style and with ease that made her look beautiful.

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