Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyles



Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyles




Change is the only inevitable and most permanent thing in this Universe. With the change of time, one’s physical appearance, walk, tone, though process, way of doing things, interests, preferences and tastes, all go on a transformation ride. Amidst so much of known and unknown transformation path, one needs to change their dress up and hairstyling too. But changing these things every now and then is not a cakewalk; specially If you want to look perfect. The process takes whole lot of consideration and pondering to finally cherry pick what suits you and believe it or not, myriad factors determine to finally pin point what is made for you or what are you made for. When such cumbersome thought processes knock down your peaceful life, one looks for magazine and fashion guides and tries to follow celebrities who match their persona and preference. Jennifer Love Hewitt who has been versatile in not just her career path but also in looks can be the perfect example of to be followed when it comes to the need of changing looks according to time. Let’s have a look at her timely transformed avatars.




  1. Puffy bangs and high Ponytail: The 7th grader versatile actress began with puffy bangs and high ponytail. The puff in the bangs is given through blow drying.



2. Side Swept Silky Waves: Jennifer sported a much younger look with minimal make up and letting her waves loose and dance around her shoulder with grace. If you have naturally ultra silky strands, you can go for this much natural yet eye catching style.




3. Messed Up Waves: Just gibing a tousled look naturally by giving a jerk to your hair upside down. Is another easy to do way to rock the concert or event.




4.A flower Clip Beads Band: Remember the old childhood days when there was world of colourful flower beads to embellish your head with and flaunt it off. The only real cute thing has been picked up by the star in her early twenties as a flaunt off to set the world ablaze.




5. Crimped and Straights: Pull your hair back in straight form till ears and then give them a crimp to increase the bounce. The amalgamation of both will definitely do wonders to your looks.




6. Light Golden Short Waves: Having two layered short waves on brunettes and golden streaks is what Jennifer thought to switch or swipe with her normal long hair.




7. The Red Head Messy Curls: Jennifer has flaunted off her shoulder length locks painted in tint of red and has given a messy look to her curls with blowdrying. The saying doesn’t go wrong here that mess is good at times.




8. Curls and Messy Updo: The Barenaked singer, Jennifer has chosen to go out of the box most of the times. Giving her short bangs a straight look and leaving rest into curls and tying an updo with those messy locks was something which made her stand apart from the crowd.

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