Jennifer Lawrene Hairstyle



Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles




If short hair have a lot on their plate when it comes to hairstyling, long wavy, coloured ones are never left back. One can always give a whirl to change of colour, highlights and lowlights. If you have long hair, round face and blonde touch, you can definitely follow Jennifer Lawrence and her various experiments with hairstyles.The Men actress has always donned it classy and blonde and has always managed to outshine people. The A-Lister got name and fame with Hunger Games and also won Oscar for Silver Lining Playbook. The versatile young talent has always given a whirl to experimenting and has always given tough competition to celeb double of her age. She has put her finger in almost al pies right from pixies, to brunette to blonde and even extensions, you name it and she has done it.Who would not be interested in knowing such a versatile persona. Let’s dive deep into her renovated hairstyles which she showcases with head held high every time.




  1. The Sunkissed Waves: in the vote campaign of ‘Declare yourself 2007”, Jennifer was spotted flaunting her bleached wavy traces with a side parting. Her skin tone is perfectly complimenting chosen hair colour and vice versa.



2. Spiral Curls: If curls are the talk of the town then spiral curls are the toast of the town which keep bouncing high. The actress was spotted with no make up look and this hairdo at a party in New York.




3. Bombshell Waves with Boastful Bangs: Hollywood awards in Los Angeles had Jennifer welcoming in long and lusciously bleached waves and straight, puffed bangs to give face a perfect framing.




4. Side Swept Straights: Sleek set straight hair with short bangs swept aside give perfect look for any event or attire. All we can say is ‘Some hairstyle are done directly, not thought upon’ and this is one of them. A perfect killer.




5. A Bun with Side Swept Bangs: Tying a bun with all bangs swept on one side or casting a mid parting in bangs can give you a chic look.




6. Very High Bun: If you want to play it simple yet cool then go for a tightly done high angled bun and wear minimum accessories to let your face and eyes take the limelight.




7. Golden Brown Curls: Shoulder length and bleached base with dark brown highlights may sound bit weird but the outcome is fantastic.




8. The Braid Of The Hunger Games: Jennifer was spotted showcasing the brunette braid in trailer of The Hunger Games franchise.




9. Intricate Rings Uptdo: The world premiere of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence was seen showcasing her braid woven of intricate spiral rings into a braid.




10. Slicked Back Bun: One can always try the classy, evergreen and elegant style of sweeping back the hair and tying them either in low of high angled bun and this will always be chic and never going to be kicked out of style.

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