Japanese Hairstyles For Women

The Japanese women are famous for their silky straight hair, something that they are inherently blessed with. And, when one is blessed with silky straight hair, there are a quite a few ways in doing up one’s hair. Since Japanese girls also have flawless skin, they look quite beautiful when they keep their hair straight and beautiful.

But then, when they have such beautiful hair, they are bound to experiment. One of the styles that the Japanese women go for is the Roller Buns. A parting at the centre and a bun full of messy hair from both sides fashions this look. The look is funky but also a tad untidy.

There is also the messed crop bob cut for all those ladies who like their hair to be a bit messy but don’t want it to be so messy that it looks untidy. This cut makes a girl look cute. And it gets cuter. There is the middle imaginary bouffant which is attained by pulling up the middle of the hair to form a bouffant. The remaining part of the hair is left open and loose. This produces a look that is quite pretty indeed.

But then what is perhaps, the most famous and aristocratic Japanese hairstyle is the Shimada. This hairdo is achieved by gathering up the hair at the crown of the head and forming it into a bun. This bun is then further partitioned such that it faces outwards. The Shimada hairstyle is like the chignon hairstyle. The Shimada was quite a popular hairstyle in Japan at one time but nowadays it is mainly worn by a highly renowned clan who are known as Geishas.

Another look that has been inspired by the Geishas is the butterfly look. In this hairdo, flaps are made by rolling up the hair and this is done on all three sides. This hairdo has been reincarnated in the modern era by leaving the hair messier and thus giving the overall look a grungy vibe.

The Shimada however has even inspired a simpler version of it. The people of Tokugawa region named it the Box Shimada. This look that is designed with a lot of patience ultimately forms a box of hair at the lower neck region.

Another very ancient Japanese hairstyle is the Kepatsu. This hairstyle is reserved by the Japanese for special occasions. The Kepatsu comprises of a boxy bouffant but one that leaves a pony-tail at the back that is edgy and shaped like a sickle. This hairstyle unlike the Shimada is still very much prevalent in modern day Japan albeit with slight modifications.

But if one is more of the new school type than old school, then there is the glam doll look. This look, inspired by Barbie dolls has been made popular by a clan of girls in Japan who like to dress up like dolls! As, the name would suggest, this look is aimed at highlighting the cuteness factor and incorporates curls that are bouncy, fringes. To add to the look, one can always accessorize with clips and tiaras.

Another modern Japanese hairstyle that is quite cute is the knot pony. This look is achieved by simply pulling up some of the hair from the sides and then tying a central knot. A cool hairband serves to keep the rest of the hair in place. A very pretty look indeed.

And, last but not the least there is the swirled bouffant. This is a glamorous look and perfect for those blessed with straight hair and a lot of volume to boot. If one has got a layered cut, then one can simply pull up some of the tresses from the side into a half pony and then swirl up that half pony and clip it in place. The rest of the hair can be kept free. This look is very pretty and quite elegant to boot.

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