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When you have short hair and that too wavy, worries tend to rise up regarding the rejuvenation in hairdo. But like long hair have plenty on their plate, same way, short and wavy hair have their own pandora box where one can pick up hairstyling from. Jenna Elfman is known for her signature pixies which are wavy in form and she has never put the experimenting on back-burner. Many of the hairstyles will surely turn out to be apt for your hair type, face shape and hair density. Let’s have a look at them.




  1. Short And Formal Pixie: Keeping the waves intact and sweeping back the front bangs completely at the back with the waves on not only gives you a bounce but also a boost in height too. This style is best suited for oval, square, heart and diamond shaped faces. If you want to flaunt off your forehead then also this hairstyle is made just for you.



2. Short, Wavy And Formal: With multi layered pixies, which are swept aside one side and left loose with an edge. The style is best suited for oval, square and diamond shaped face and one can always done it when want to do something unique with their look.




3. Medium, Casual Waves: A longer pixie, with shoulder length edges can transform your look.




Side Swept Straights: Sleek set straight hair with short bangs swept aside give perfect look for any event or attire. All we can say is ‘Some hairstyle are done directly, not thought upon’ and this is one of them. A perfect killer.




4. A Bun with Side Swept Bangs: Tying a bun with all bangs swept on one side or casting a mid parting in bangs can give you a chic look.




5. Very High Bun: If you want to play it simple yet cool then go for a tightly done high angled bun and wear minimum accessories to let your face and eyes take the limelight.




6. Golden Brown Curls: Shoulder length and bleached base with dark brown highlights may sound bit weird but the outcome is fantastic.




7. Mid Parting Bun: At the premiere of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, the actress was spotted with front waves left loose and remaining ones tied back in a low bun. An elegant and classy look.




8. An Absolute Sweep: Jennifer has also swept her wavy long tresses into completely one side, giving chance to expose one shoulder. This look is perfect for off shoulder or one shoulder dresses where you too can flaunt off that sassy beauty of yours.




9.A Complete Bun: In hurry and feeling laid back? Tie a bun and pin it up with just bob pins and tuck a bun pin into it to make it look perfect. Wear a confident smile to conquer the whole world.

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