Jamie Lee Curtis Hairstyles



Short haircuts are more popular in recent times and been as a peek hairstyle. As, it can be maintained easily and does not have any irritating factors. With these the love and craze for short hair look, is growing amongst peoples.


Famous American author and an artist, ‘Jamie Lee Curtis’, is not an exceptional one of short hair lover. She is someone, who is okay with her grey hair and fell good about it.


Jamie Lee Curtis; is known for her cropped pixie cuts with silver locks. The name ‘scream queen’ of Curtis is not for her roles, but for her signature short hairdo. This style cut gives way for her energetic and fresh look. Her, short and spiky hair is still stylish.


Cuts, as these are easy manageable and time for styling is not much needed one. Yet, gives you a super stylish look and allow you stand out from the others.


Curtis’s style is an easy way to achieve. This pixie cut is an angle cut along the sides of the head, with about ½-inch length and more inches on the top. Moreover, this cut gives fine definition and thin hair textures dimensions. It is well suited for medium and thick hair locks with layered styles.


However, Curtis hair is a straight one. Therefore, when you have a curly hair, never follow her style. Things that you need to keep in mind about getting the exact style of her, is below.


Firstly, use some lightweight conditioner, as it requires only minimal maintenance. Then try to get some fringes in the front, through your locks by lifting the strands at the roots. Therefore, that it gives you a voluminous look.


Finally, it is about the hold and the look of the style. The thicker hair needs, only a bit of control. For thinner hair textures, use some volumizing product to benefit this shaping. Focus about mainly about the longer pieces at the top of your hair and letting the sides smooth for a sleek and playful look.


When coming to her hair color – the grey hair, which only few celebrities go for. She does not like to dye her hair, which is a great initiative. Actually, this is a very great feature and it is nice about her. This color suits well for her warm skin tone.


When you have warmer skin tones matching with her, then you can go available grey shades. This is an edgy look of grey hair, with some blend of highlights and lowlights at some areas of hair.


Apart from the requirements for this look, there is an attitude that needs matters. This is a very outgoing, bold look often with masculine traits and hairstyle for very confident women. It is not showing, like traditional ideas for femininity.


She is not only innovative and creative with her style. However, she is a thought provoking artist that needs to be accepted. So, grab this cut soon and stay proud with the look.

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