Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles



Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles




All the men out there, who are on their toes for the best grooming should know that the most important and inseparable part of your grooming lies in hairstyle and hair colour. Even if you are well dressed, all glamour clad  and squeaky clean, all goes for a toss if your hairstyle and hair colour is not upto the mark. Even if you are willing to keep long locks, the limitations of them being informal makes it a much thought upon choice. So when you go for short hairdos, one cannot avoid the trendy, classy and evergreen hairstyles of Jake Gyllenhaal. The City Slicker debutante has stuck to his signature shorts but has never left any stone unturned to in keeping his experimenting options open. Let’s dig deeper into the hairstyling secret closet of the October Sky guy Jake Gyllenhaal.




1. Short and Straights: Best for round, oval and heart shaped face, this side is swept back with the back and side being short and are getting mingled further with the longer ones. Sweeping them back gives a formal look to the face.




2. Short and Straight Casuals: When it comes to casual look, one can try a bit edgy and asymmetrical look. Having the top length jagged can give texture and height to your hairdo. A dense beard won’t do any harm to add those mesmerising points to your look.




3.Short and Wavy Casuals: Following the same style of shorts and straight formals, one can sweep back the long waves on top and cropping around the neck blending on the top length. Swept back waves will make you look like you own it. This hairdo is best for round, heart and oval shaped faces.




4. Super Short Layers: Clipper cut on both sides and back very short lending of layers on top. The short layers can be set through gel or wax to lend it a refreshing look.




5. Slicked Style: Blow drying or gelling, but slicked back styles are so in and one can always experiment with the wavy and straight forms.




6. Quids: Quids which was better known as ‘Upward styled flicks” in layman’s language are always a smart choice. One has the freedom of keeping the back side either shorter or longer.




While trying these various short hairdos, one can always try both casual and formal looks in each of the hairdo. Whereas casual looks include a bit of edgy, funky, zig-zag and asymmetrical looks, formal ones are the symmetry cuts with slicks or even quids. Having both the options open of crowning both styles opens a door of thousand looks for you.

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