Ivy League Haircut For Men



Among men, the craze for crew cut is still there. In that line, comes the Ivy League haircut. This haircut is a slight variation to the earlier crew cut. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt are some iconic artists, spotted with this style regularly. It is a sophisticated hairstyle, which never goes out of fashion.


With its name, it is evident that this haircut is ultra clean and gives you a professional looking. Alternative name for this haircut is the ‘Harvard or Princeton haircut’. Initial days, men in military and undergraduates of Ivy League universities adopted this haircut. Now, extremely low maintenance feature makes it popular among common people.


This cut is a combination of classic crew and side part hairstyle. Where the cut starts from, trimming on the sides and stop. The only difference with the crew cut is having a little lengthy hair on the top. This cut gives you a well-defined, masculine facial feature with high cheekbones and prominent jaw line.


Generally, this Ivy League haircut is a short hairstyle and it is easy to get. With an inch or two, you can get this haircut easily. This hairstyle fit anybody – even from college students to office goers. With this usual Ivy cut, you can add fade on the sides, try shaved part or go along with a beard style. Most important is that, it suits all types of hairs and face shapes.


Good list of Ivy hairstyles are available, which can you even try. Classic version of preppy cut can achieve with ‘Long Ivy Cut’. To get high-end appeal, get some medium tappers on the sides and the back.


For blonde thick hair, go for ‘Textured Ivy League hairstyle’ for guaranteed sleek look with straight hair. When you have wavy hair texture, try ‘Ivy League waves’. Allow some hair on the top and cut it short on the sides. This will look great with waves.


Variations of Ivy hairstyle is little outrageous. Combining comb over with Ivy League can offer you great look. Just keep in mind, to keep the front part clear to get this popular style. When you are ready to use some hair gel, then you can make super spikes with Ivy. It looks fantastic and makes you look very cool.


All types of fade suits Ivy haircut.  Clean Ivy cut with fade – and about half long inch of top hair, you can style it to the sides. This will make you a handsome person. With mid fade and some clean lines around the temple, is very modern with beard.


Moreover, this cut known for its simplicity and ease. This haircut needs only low maintenance and goes well with any outfit. For fine shine, you may use any quality product to style.


Various styles of Ivy League haircut looks better with, stunning beard choices. Because, Ivy cut style differs with both, dense beard or clean shave look. Whatever be your choice, make sure that is matches with your overall look.

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