Italian Haircuts For Men



The Italians have always been known for their effortless sense of style. The world of fashion would have been a much more emptier space had the Italians not been there. The number of times that they have wowed the fashion gurus around the globe are countless. From Versace to Armani and from Prada to Zucchelli, they have shown the  world how to be stylish. And Italian men’s haircuts too haven’t been left behind in all of this. If the stylish men out there want to have a piece of the Italian hairdo action, then they  have a variety of options to choose from.




Perhaps, one of the coolest Italian haircuts out there is the very fashionable short haircut with a smart parting on the side. This hairdo looks best  on smooth and shiny hair and is a great hairdo to complement a sharply  cut suit. Another classic Italian look and one that has been immortalized in the gangster flicks down the years is the very macho slicked  back look which looks great on men who have a well cut short hairdo of glossy hair.




The Italians also love their messy hairdos and nothing is sexier than a messy do of wavy and bouncy hair that falls onto the forehead and just above the eyes. This hairdo might look casual but lends a man that devilish yet playful which is sure to make most girls go weak in the knees. But then Italian hairstyles isn’t all about the short haircuts. There are also quite a few playful long hairdos to choose from.




If one was an avid follower of the smash hit sitcom Friends, then one would clearly remember the haircut that was worn by Rachel’s Italian boyfriend. It was a dashing hairdo of long hair. Italians love  their long hairdos and men with long hair wanting to go for a trendy Italian cut can go for the the ever popular ponytail. Not only does this hairdo help a man  in controlling his long locks with consummate ease but also makes him look oh so cool.




But, if a man doesn’t mind a bit of hair in the face and wants to show off his long locks to the world, then a wavy hairdo with the locks done up stylishly yet quite messily is a very avantgarde look to go for. Men can also style their hair in such a way that the long locks fall freely at the back while the front of the hair is slicked backwards. A very cool look through and through. They can also go for a messy hairdo with a generous share of waviness in texture and then just top off the whole look with a few tendrils covering the eye on one side. A bad-boy look if ever there was one.




Italian hairstyles are always in fashion and going by their ultra-cool quotient, they are going to be popular in the years to come. Men who are blessed with a scalp of generous volume of hair can just pick and choose from the many Italian hairdos. One thing is for sure though. None of these looks will leave them disappointed in any way.

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