Invisible Braid Hairstyles



Invisible braids aren’t some sort of braids that can be made to magically disappear. Invisible braids are quite small and they are designed close to the scalp. This braid stays close to the front and sometimes it is not visible but most of the time one can hardly see it is there as it merges with the rest of the hair. This look is very simple to design  and low on the maintenance factor. Moreover there are a number of various ways in which one can design invisible braids.




One of the most popular versions of the invisible braid is the  scalp braid. This is a perfect look for the summer time and is sure  to make any girl look pretty. Girls with natural curly hair can go for the tiny braids. This invisible braid style again stays close to the scalp. A girl can also go for  invisible braids with longer hair. The braiding is again done close to the scalp and with a middle parting , the rest of the hair can be allowed to fall down freely on both sides.




One can also  go for  an invisible braid with curly hair. The braid is barely there but it helps a girl to show off her curly hair in all its natural splendour. A cooler variation of the invisible braid is the side braid. Now, this braid is one of the sexiest variations of this style and a girl can actually use this do to mimic the side shave minus having to actually shave any hair on the side. A girl with curly hair can use  this hairdo to make herself look very hip and elegant and a dash of colour to the curls wouldn’t hurt matters either.




Now, if  a girl wants ,to add some volume to her hair, then the invisible braided high ponytail is the look to go for. The hair on the head is designed quite high while the braid at the scalp is barely there as usual. But if a girl wants barely there braids that will make her look very glamorous then the stunning curls is the look to go for. The hair however must be sufficiently long and quite bouncy to truly pull off this  look.




One can also go for an invisible braid hairdo that lets the hair stay closely cropped to the head. If this sounds too boring then a girl can also go for an invisible braid that helps her form a crown of hair on her head.The braids are perched on the scalp while the rest of the hair is left loose. The braids are longer on the sides. This is a hairdo that is very easy to pull off and quite classy to look at.




So these are  some of the best  hairdos that girls can go for using invisible braids. Each of these looks are pretty unique and none of these looks are that hard to pull off or maintain. It allows the girls to experiment a  bit with their hairdos and also gives them the freedom of choosing from an array of styling options.

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