Inverted Bob With Bangs For Women



As the whole hairstyle industry is changing yearly, the bob hairstyle remains classy forever and is one style that leaves most women excited. Like how, the classic bob short hairstyle is in trend for years, the modern version of the same style is rocking the hairstyle world right now.


Mixing the old with a new style, which is having variations that are more flexible and differ amongst all the bob hairstyle is the inverted bob style. This bob style has a main difference in the actual technique used for the old classic style.


The inverted bob style is actually about the stacked layers at the back and slightly curved lines extending towards the front. You can even let your front strands reach the shoulder length, to get an ultra-dramatic statement.


While the old classic styles mainly targets the straight sleek, whereas this inverted bob style is suitable for both straight and wavy or curly hair textures. Mostly, the inverted bob style has accompanied with bangs, so that the overall style have an amazing combination of super twin elements.


However, the bangs have its nature of enriching the look qualities and highlighting the eyes. Along with the inverted bob, the bangs have a significant role to play in the finishing style of the haircut. Speaking in terms, the inverted bob and a graduated bob are the same styles things.


Most probably, the sexy dark look with bangs that reaches below chin line is the widely used inverted bob style. You can make the bangs wider and thicker, depending upon the choice and hair texture. More dense the bangs, more sexy the style is.


If you want to give some change to the sleek and dark inverted bob style, then try going with the shaggy layered inverted bob look. The shaggy layers offer you a messy and chic style, to this you can even add a pea-sized dose of texturized gel for a bit of wet look. This look shows you how simple the style is and perfect for summer days.


Even the inverted bob goes well with asymmetrical side partition. The bangs as well falling over one side, with the hair at the back shorter and longer front is an ideal technique to create fullness.






This style is most suitable for fine hair texture and this cut referred as the stacked bob, because the layers from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck are stacked on top of each other to achieve the asymmetrical look.


When you have natural blonde brown shade hair, this shoulder length hair with inverted bob style will be a key advantage for the ‘sensual look’ and alluring. For even sexier look, you can go for radiant blonde color that can even increase your charm.


With dark hair and caramel highlights or with brown hair with radiant highlights, both can do all the beauty to your overall appearance. Go for bright red or pink shades with right touch of perfect highlights, which can give you a bold and strong personal appeal.


Above all these, the neatness and sharp look that this inverted bob style with bangs offers is why, the hairstyle is more appeal and wanted by everyone.

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