Inverted Bob Haircuts For Women




Do you ever wonder how come you see so many women getting a haircut that looks like a bob cut, but then the next moment you feel like, “No; that can’t be a bob hair cut! That is something else!” well, sure you do! There is bob everywhere these days and you still have no idea about how many types of bob haircuts are there!


There are plenty of bob hairstyles – the layered bob, the inverted bob, a-line bob and many, many more. And this one is all about the inverted bob hairstyles today.


So what is an inverted bob anyway?


The inverted bob is slightly different from the classic a-line bob, where the layers at the back are stacked properly and then there are slightly curved lines that are extended towards the front. There are numerous inverted bob haircuts that you can try. Here is a list of a few.


Go messy and yet look absolutely chic and stylish with the “shaggy inverted bob”. The back of this haircut looks messy and yet it gives you a great look and makes you feel quite comfortable. Easy to style, easy to pull off and yet exceptionally fashionable.


If you wish to get a full and fluffy hairstyle, then you should be getting the “stacked bob” hairstyle. Also known as the “full and fiery haircut”, this one is perfect for women who have fine hair. The front of the hair is kept long whilst back of the hair is kept quite short in order to give the fluffiness.


If you have a long hair, and you are looking for a change without ruining much of the length, then you should go for the “long bob with layers”. The haircut gives you the desired length, the change and the layers you look for to enhance your sharp features. If you have an oval shaped face, the hairstyle will suit you the best.


If you are bored of the basic layered bob, you can always try out the “curly bob”.  The curls add amazing volume to your hair so even if you are having a limp bad hair day, and you do not have the time to run to your stylist, this hairstyle should be your rescue.


Add bangs to your inverted bob hairstyle with the “fringed and feathered inverted bob”. This one will make you look super cute if you have a round face; and even if you do not, the bob with bangs and fringes can never go wrong ever!


Most of the long inverted bobs are styled either curly or straight and the “Golden blonde balayage curls” is one of those with a little twist. All you need to do is get big curls on your bob and color them into shining golden blonde. Do not shy away from getting those big curls.


These are a few inverted bob haircuts for the ladies around the globe. You can experiment with these pretty haircuts anytime and get a startling look. Don’t you want to sweep them off of their feet? Oh yes you do!

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