Inside Out Braid Hairstyles



The inside-out braid is better known as the Dutch Braid is a very popular hairdo amongst ladies. This technique of braiding of one’s hair is very similar to that of the French braid but  where the French braid is generally angled down the side of the head, this one is runs down the back of a girl’s head. An evergreen hairstyle, such as this has been revered by the ladies for ages and there are quite a few variations for them to choose from.




The formal Dutch braid is great inside-out braid to start off with. This hairdo is befitting of any big ticket event and looks classy and extremely sophisticated. The hairdo employs a lot of texture and is pinned up into a great little updo. However, of a lady wishes to go for a bit of funkiness, then a Dutch braid pigtail fits the bill just nice.




Girls who are looking for a sophisticated look can also go for the textured ponytail look.  This hairdo comprises of a loose high ponytail and face-framing bangs. This look is not that difficult to achieve and if pulled off correctly males a girl look very pretty indeed. One who is looking for a bit of experimentation flowing straight hair can go for a side Dutch braid with flowing hair. This is perhaps the more subtle of the side Dutch braid looks.




Another really cool look is the puffed upside Dutch braid. This hairdo drips of panache and comprises of a well-textured crown with a classy ponytail. But, if a girl wishes to go for a bum look with her hairdo, then she can go for an inside-out braid with a small bun with tousled hair. Girls looking for a bit of quirkiness can also go for a simple knotted and twisted heavy bun with an inside-out braid.




But, if it is edginess that a girl’s heart desires, then she can go for a two-way Dutch braid with edgy layers.This look also comprises of face framing bangs. Another sophisticated look is the inside out braided headband. This hairdo is  a smooth rounding of the Dutch braid also has bangs on the front which frame the face quite beautifully.




Another great inside-out braid look is the low loose Dutch braid ponytail. The crown area of the hair is left totally untouched in this case but the ponytail is loosely style after the Dutch braid. An inside out braid with a messy ponytail also looks very classy and is the perfect embodiment of this style.




Girls aiming for a super classy look can also go for the Dutch braided plait hairdo with an intricately designed bun. One can also for a flat updo style with the inside out braid and and this hairdo like most of the best Dutch braids out there is very intricately designed.




The inside out braid, is on its way up on the fashion ladder right now and its popularity like most of the braided hairdos is only increasing. And, it’s easy to see why. Not only are these braids very easy to style but also very easy to manage.

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