Indian Juda Hairstyles For Women


Juda, bun or updo, names are many but style is one. One on hand where. Upto is messy and sassy version of Indian Judaa, Juda is Indian version of bun, which is frequently and most commonly done hairdo. There is hardly any hairstyle which is both traditional and trendy. Indian juda is one of those. Gone are the days when the juda used to be only traditional hairstyle and only brides were meant to crown it. These days judaas are in trend and even college youngsters are easily spotted flaunting the judo’s and their hair’s beauty. Let’s have a look at some Indian style Judas. Be it judas or bun, the elegance they bespoke is invincible and the look they give is incomparable. The double benefit comes in form of them being both trendy and traditional.. A little experiment here and there can turn the simple traditional juda into a ravishing, sassy updo.




  1. Rosy Bun: The front section is completed by middle separation or parting by slightly twisted curls tucked with bobby pins into the bun. Tiny flicks will be the best option to leave loose in front.



2. Braided Bun: A bun jointly done with the help. Of multiple braids. Half hair is tied in chat form at back and rest hair has to be tied the same way. The bun will be made by folding the first braid. The judo can be sealed with juda pins.




3. Sectioned Bun: Make two section of hair with making one smaller in the front which will circle up above the bun and tucked in. This gives a magnetic look at your hairstyle. Maangtika can be added from the front to make it look more catchy.




4. High Bun: It can be embellished with jewelled chains and mangtika in the middle parting. Back brushing instead of middle parting will also do magic to you.




5. Princess Juda: Side parting from the front and then a braid coming towards the crown gives it a headband kind of look. One can decorate with tiara also and for crowning one can use tiki as well.




6. Juda With Gajra: Gajra is made of flowers which is tied onto hair which gives it the most traditional look. Sometimes roses are also inserted to get a substitute for gajra.




7. Half Up Half Down: Yes the half up and half down type of juda is mix of bun and open hair and the large puff gives bounce and height to hairdo.




8. French Bun: This is also known as the fusion bun or so can we call it, since its a mixture of French bun style with gajra in ir. It can be decorated with big hair clip. Leaving fringes open or tucked in is absolutely your choice.




9. Back Bun: The best bun for traditional style, some hair trimmings can be invented to multiply the magnitude to the hair. Its a perfect combination of tradition and trend in one style.

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