Indian Celebrity Hairstyles



We have to admit that, our each day styling and look, resemble any celebrity, as we get inspired from them. From head to toe, silver screen stars carry their charm and personality in everything they do. Above all, Indian celebrities express more edgy hairstyles and influence trends.


When it comes to Indian celebrity, former Miss India ‘Aishwarya Rai’ carries herself very well with trendy hairstyles. From loose curls to straight hair, or side-swept bangs, her looks are infinite. Along with these, she can carry contemporary traditional hairdos as well.


Mostly, she flaunts everyone with her voluminous layers and her veteran look made all just go wow. Simply by getting layered cut with centre partition, makes her long locks to flow free on the sides, which looks flawless in her.


Her high bun hairstyle, to a red carpet event is another charming hairstyle.


Next celebrity is the Bollywood’s Barbie doll ‘Katrina kaif’ who generally needs no special hairstyle to flaunt her beauty, because she looks gorgeous, even with the simplest hairstyles. Actually, she loves playing with her mane and try out unique Indian hairstyles.


Her popular hairstyle collections are wavy or straight texture with layered styles and ponytail with light curly hairstyles. Katrina’s recent haircut is the straight sleek hair with layers, which is short at the front and longer towards the back. These layers goes well with her face and easy to carry as well.


Priyanka Chopra, one of the most breathtaking Indian beauties, changes her hairstyle very often. She has been very creative in her styles and experiments many that ranges from short pixie or little bob style to shoulder length loose curls.


Nevertheless, her experiments with hairstyles never go in vain because all her styles bring out a new life and beauty to her outlooks. The best hairstyle of Priyanka is the shoulder length sleek hair, with loose curls and centre parted long bangs that tucked behind the ear.


She even tried straight blunt cut bangs hitting her eyes and straight sleek hair with simple layers curved inwards at the ends.


The looks coupled with her performance earned ‘Deepika Padukone’ the Filmfare Debut award. As per Deepika, she generally knows what really works with her and does not experiment with new hairstyles.


Deepika had worn a fringe, which eventually stuck to her poker straight layers. That was a momentary period of Deepika with this hairstyle and the way she flaunted her hair is simply adorable.


Finally, the Bollywood’s bold star ‘Kangana Ranaut’ is popular for her wild mop style. She carries the wild mop style very well, which becomes her identity look. After that, she changed her wild style into smoother hairstyles for a short period.


Later to that, Kangana went for a short haircut like the one of a pixie cut with the curly textured hair. She is now again back to her wild funky hairstyle.


Even, Sonakshi Sinha’s loose curl with medium length hair is popular and looks great in her, than the longer locks. Mostly, she appears with pretty-straight hairstyles than the wavy style.

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