Hot Hairstyles For Short Hair Men



Nowadays, being fashionable and staying in trend is what really matters for everyone. Because, men are becoming more and more cautious about their hairstyle, to look attractive and, to stay charm with precise hot styling.


Short hairstyles come in different forms for men, ranging looks from hot and sexy to casual and classy. Mostly, look for ideas inspired from celebrities, who always keep the up-to-date styles and rock with every recent trend.


This year, the pompadour and spiky hairstyles are some hottest trends. With thick sleek hair texture, a disconnect pompadour looks perfect. For this style, the hair is close cut or faded at the sides and voluminous hair on the top.


To the longer top, style it into a slick back look with jazzy quiff hairstyle, which looks good despite any face shapes. If you do not want a quiff touch to your hairstyle, then simply go with combed back pompadour style.


Next, hottest hairstyles for short hair are the cuts with bangs look. Any style of bangs can soften your face features and serves as another cute element to the hairstyle. You can prefer either spiky or loyal bangs to the flat hair; anyhow, the hairstyle with bangs is always in style.


Mostly, slicked hair with asymmetrical side swept bangs is the best choice. Make sure, the hair is longer to fall over one side and shorter hair on the opposite sides. The bangs must fall until to reach below the ear line.


If you do not want slicked bang look, then just give some messy texture to the bangs using your fingers. The messiness should start from the top hair to the end of the bangs that fall on the side. Or else, spiked bangs with combed forward style, looks best and these styles are versatile.


Stylish Mohawk haircut, along with undercut sides or faded sides is perfect for both curly and straight hair texture. In fact, today’s Mohawk are more modern and hotter than the traditional ones.


The signature Mohawk style cut features, middle hair strip on the top that can be either thin or thick as you like and incorporated with various lengths, add benefit to the final look. You can choose Fauxhawk instead of Mohawk, and trim longer hair on the top to flow free.


To the undercuts, give some line patterns to get distinguished overall look. The high fade at the sides and clean shave, along with Mohawk style long hair on the top, gives you astonishing look.


Cowlick hairstyle is another hot hairstyle that suits well with the coarse hair texture. The curled hair on the top, looks like a cowlick style and with this, you can give an undercut at the sides if you wish. However, the cowlick hairstyle looks best without shaved or faded sides.


Side parted hairstyles, with prominent patterns near the ear will give you a stylish look that you can wear everywhere. When you choose to go with side patterns, then there must a thick shaved sideline separating the top hair with the sides.

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