Hot Hairstyle For Long Hair Men



Hot Hairstyles for Long Hair Men




Long hair fuss? It can happen to both genders including men and women. Believe it or not, hairstyle fusses are a big worry for men too. If you wondering that men should not be bothered enough as short hair is easy to keep then break your illusion and let reality struck you that they too have long locks which need care and grooming and this is where the well being for long hair in men comes into the scene. The biggest challenge men face with their long locks is maintanance. If you have those long tresses or are dreaming to have, then here are few options you can crown yourself with.




  1. A Twist in the Tail: Get a ponytail by sectioning your hair in two and joining them loosely and twirled in sort of quick sloppy knot. A beard with such rough and tough look will always enhance your grace.



2. Shoulder Length: Having edgy and asymmetrical blunts tainted in dark browns with blonde highlights can give your long tresses a much needed attention seeking urgency.




3. The Braid, The Bun and The V: Shaving back of your head in V shape and then braid an inverted French braid and when it is half way up, tie it in a bun. A strikingly unique and dashing hairstyle you can crown yourself with.




4. Braids, Bunds and Undercuts: Weave multiple braids, bring them back and make a bun out of them. Once done, get a side undercut done and flaunt it off with stubble. Your look will be fantabulous.




5. Side Swept Longs with Undercut: Do a side parting and let one side grow longer and get an undercut on the other. The out of the box style will accentuate your fab look.




6. Easy Swept Back Layers: If you have silky long strands, sweep them back and done a thick and dense beard with it. The style will lend you a classic aura with a strongly fabulous aura.




7. Crazy Long Strands: If you have curls in long locks then straighten your front strands and put a headband and tuck it back in high curly pony. The headband will give you a fantabulous look.




8. Crazy Curls: Try curling your strands and leave them loose and see the magic your lustrous locks cast on others.




9. The Longest Comb-Over: Keep one side of hair till chin length and get an undercut on the other. The style is sporty, happening and just too apt for any rock concert to hit.




10. A Messy Bun: A messy hairdo is always rocking be it for women or men. Crown yourself with such messy beauty and rock the world ablaze on fire.




When it comes to hairstyling, men can accentuate their looks by picking up either highlights or lowlights, or full colours. Colours always add brilliance and texture to your haircut and hairstyling. Styles are many so don’t limit your choices to a certain set pattern and fly high.

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