Homecoming Hairstyles For Black Women



Homecoming is a big affair for most ladies. It is not just an occasion to have some fun and frolic by dancing and just having fun with their dates and girlfriends. And, more importantly it is also the time to  imbibe their inner diva. The best way to channel that glamorous side is to go for a dress and a hairdo that not only  portrays their beauty but also amplifies their oomph factor. There are quite a few options as far as hairdos go for the day of the prom as far as the Black ladies are  concerned.




One of the coolest homecoming hairdos to go for  is the lady bun. This hairstyle adds a lot of volume to the hair on the top as all the hair on the front is pulled back into a moderately sized bun  on top. This hairstyle is not only very stylish but also serves to keep the hair out of a girl’s face and she can dance away to her heart’s content without having to worry about touching up  her  hair.




Girls can also go for a swoopy type of bun. This glamorous hairdo is a combination of  a low placed bun with some great bangs on the front near the forehead. This look is sure to drive all the boys crazy at the homecoming! An even more appealing hairdo than this is the pump up hairstyle. This very romantic look comprises of slick volume on the front and and either a swooping ponytail on the back or matching slick locks.




The ladies with curly hair can always go for the very voluminous afro hair. This hairdo despite being a tad outrageous is very romantic and lends a girl very adorable look indeed. Girls can always add a bit of colour to the Afro and a mass of light brown curly Afro hair looks even cooler. Girls with curly hair can also go for a side-part and the resulting curly hairdo with  a mass of curls falling on either side is just gorgeous.




The princess braids hairdo is also a very cool homecoming hairdo for girls. This hairstyle looks quite slick with straight hair and makes a girl look quite appealing indeed. The half up half down hairdo is another gorgeous hairdo for black girls for the prom night. If a girl has silky straight hair, this hairstyle will show off her long locks beautifully. Girls can always go for several styles with a half up half down style. They can go for a middle parting or a pouf. Bangs also work brilliantly with this half up half down style. One can also go for a messy high ponytail with this look with all the hair pulled back on the front.




However, girls who are wanting to keep things simple can always go for the eternally popular thick and wavy long hair. This hairstyle shows off her long hair like nothing else.




So, these are some of the coolest hairdos for the ladies for the homecoming night. Each of these looks are sure to make a girl stand out on her big night and make her the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

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