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Hilary Duff Hairstyles




The changing times and changing you,  and when the changing you has an overdose of adrenaline rush flowing inside, there needs to be a lot on your plate. If you are one of those,  who want to have it all in one shot. Ranging from the bobs to long waves, In such versatile grooming desires, its tough to find the right celeb to follow the footsteps. But Hilary Duff has busted the myth as she is known for experimenting with her hairdos and hairstyles. The Metamorphosis singer has lived upto her album’s name and has always undergone through major transformation in her looks. Let’s have a look at her looks




  1. Wispy bangs with Bumpy Curls: Having crispy wispy bangs with bumpy swirly curls and letting them loose is the trick to catch eyes and grab curiosity.



2.Pigtails with Bangs: If you ever get your hands on Spy Kids Premiere then you must have surely noticed that she donned a fancy and fresh look of teeny weeny braids. The secret of her look lies in having wisp bangs and layered cuts which are braided into weave. The cherry on the cake is her light blondes balayages which one can try on.




3. Pony with Colourful Chopsticks: Duff has tried giving various shades to her hairstyles and keeps adding feathers to her cap and has been successful in doing so. Tying a high ponytail and gluing chopsticks on them.




4. Black Highlights: Yes if you are shocked, then don’t be. Hilary has added charm to her platinum locks and has highlighted them with black strands. Sometimes, the simplest things can add the biggest glamour in your looks.




5. Ringlets with Bangs: Bouncy ringlets are another form of over done curls and are teamed up with wisp straight bangs. This look was spotted in Lizzie McGuire movie by Duff.




6. Go Black Go Short: Sometimes there is no need to go out of the box and you can simply opt for simple black with short haircut and believe it or not Hilary was spotted on TRL. Though hers was a bouncy wig but one can always go for the real looks.




7. Low Pony With Straight Bangs: The Metamorphosis girl was spotted for L.A. premiere of The Perfect Man and was seen donning low ponytails teamed up with long straight bangs. One can also try on the hair colour to highlight their skin tone.




8. Dark Blondes and Mid Parting: While promoting her fourth album, “Dignity”, Hilary has spotted her darkest blondes with mid parting low ponytail. One can always prepare beforehand by having a layered haircut.




9. Swept Back Golden Curls: Duff’s Gossip Girl look, where she was spotted with open curls and swept back bangs. One can try for golden and brown tints to glamorise the look.




10. The Vintage Puff with Headband: One can make the puff and to increase the bounce, one can always use the puff maker and use headband and the classic vintage style is ready.

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