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Highlights For Men’s Hair




When it comes to hairstyling and colouring, a quote goes very apt, “Why Should Women Have All The Fun?” Men should keep this in mind and follow it blindly when it comes to hair colouring and hairstyling. With the advent of men coming into the grooming zone, their set of worries and confusion spring up and before all men get baffled with what to choose and what not to choose or what to do and what not to do, let’s relax them by some chunk of good news that they too have limitless options in their kitty. So fret not! Worry Not! Because you can have it all the more stylish on your way. Be it highlights or lowlights, be it full hair colour or highlights, all comes at a click away. Here are few tips for the highlights and also for the ones who are in love with their grey strands.




  1. The Bleached Boy: Be a bleached boy if your persona is all the more like a rockstar. Tainting bleach on your darker browns will highlight the beauty of the base colour like anything. The only thing one needs to keep in mind while opting for this is if you have a persona coloured and glamorised enough to carry such a striking contrast then go for it without any doubts.



2. Medium Neutral Browns: Going for short styling and confused about the colour? Well the most natural option which would work both in formal and informal settings is medium neutral browns. These will go well with even spikes and crew cuts.




3. Copper Browns: When you want to go wild, go copper brown and taint your locks with it. The reason why copper brown comes into informal shades because the tint of red shines through it which makes it look a bit funkier. But when it is time to beat the junkie, you can always go funky.




4. Neutral Dark Blonde: Some neutrality to your hairline adds so much to your looks and gives it much needed transformation. When it is blonde doing the talking, let the darkest shade of it reign your hair colour and see the difference you cast on others.




5. The Chocolaty Brown: Chocolate brown goes well on all skin types and if your are one of those spikes lovers then this warm colour will compliment your style like never before. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and go chocolate.




5. The Grey’s Grace: If you want to go out of the league then try some grey along with your natural black mashed up with grey highlights. The spicy salt and pepper look will give you a mesmerising look.




6. Cool Copper: Copper and its shades are always in and list on top when it comes to having a cool and flamboyant hair colour. A bit bright since a bit crazier, copper looks cool when you want to done a rockstar look.




7. Deep Reds: Go for deep reds if you have warm skin tone which is between fair and medium tone. The best thing about being red is that it works both in formal and informal settings. When going formal, pick a short and squeaky haircut and while going informal, you can try the same shade with longer locks.

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