Highlights For Dark Brown Hair Women



Picture of dark brown hair with highlights, is more intense. Styling hair is not only the necessary thing, to look amazing. Along with styling, giving right highlights to it is a must needed one. Because single tone style, does not surprise you anymore today.


Deciding what hair color to pick, in dyeing your hair is very tricky. Because, picking a wrong color to hair can ruin your entire look. First, you need to decide which effect you would love to achieve based on the pigment. The pigment is responsible for the color of your hairs, eyes and skin. Your skin color is the most important factor, to consider coloring the hair.


Dark brown hair can be stunningly beautiful, shiny and rich. Adding subtle or bold highlights can turn you, into a dimensional brown-haired person. Shades like deep red, copper, purple or caramel etc can be a best choice.


For darker skin tones, give bloom and glow with bronze, copper or rich red shades. Medium skin tones can go for intense browns, coppers and toffee colors. Light caramel hues and ash tones, are best choice for fair skin tone beauties.


Make the highlights around the crown and extend them to full hair, for natural look with ‘Shimmering light brown highlights’. This is an easy update, which gives you a natural glow. The simple blonde effect ‘Natural striped highlights’, is actually blended with light chocolate browns. This effect can make you stand out from the crowd.


For voluminous effect and willing, to have color only at the ends can go with ‘Dark hair with bright highlights’. This works really well, when the color is away from the roots. For brighter effect ‘Ravishing red highlights’, can make your hair look much lighter. You can curl your hair with this highlight, for more bouncing effect.


Brown hair with red all over – is a bright, eye-catching shade and gives you refresh look. Minimalistic highlights with light brown shade, can give you a great way to frame the face. These highlights are greater for round or heart shaped face.


Delicious hues or caramel highlights, with blond base offers soft flows. Any basic color literally, may adopt a pop of caramel. The variation of highlights, are merely of your choice.


This highlight is a great demand, among all celebrities because of two main reasons. One is the highlight suits any hair type and length. Then, these effects do not affect the health of your locks.


Here are few ideas, to caramel your tresses. Lightening your ends with ‘Spiced caramel ombre’ is a great way to enhance dark brown hair. This look work well, with warm skin tones.


Rooty highlights, gives stunning vertical dimensions with darker color on top and ribbons of light copper form mid to the ends. Finally, caramel highlight with blonde effects are more vibrant and bring you the best hairstyles too.


Most importantly, getting and maintaining dark brown highlights needs a certain level of commitment. Every color highlights, can fade after a certain time. So, recommending you to touchup every 8 to 10 weeks.

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